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CreatiVets Art and Music Exhibition


CreatiVets Art and Music Exhibition

A Gates, Y-Juncture and A-Mezzanine, located past the A Bridge Security checkpoint

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About the Artist, CreatiVets

CreatiVets mission is to empower wounded veterans to heal through the arts and music. Founded in 2013, CreatiVets has directly helped more than 1,000 veterans from 49 different states through their art and music programming. CreatiVets began releasing music written by veterans through their songwriting program to reach veterans in their homes.

About CreatiVets Art and Music Exhibition

From War to Words: A Visual Voices Portrait Series by Jason Myers (Y-Juncture)
About the photographer: Jason Myers is an award-winning commercial photographer based in Nashville, TN. Although his extensive resume includes his photographs being featured in magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Forbes, Myers describes his work with CreatiVets as “the most important and impactful.”
Throughout his storied career, he has photographed cultural icons including Muhammad Ali, President Barrack Obama, and baseball legend Mariano Riviera and worked with prominent brands like Nike and BOSE, but despite these successes, Myers says, “collaborating with patriots who are finding new paths to heal through art and music is the most rewarding work of my career.”
CreatiVets Visual Art Exhibition (A Mezzanine)
This exhibition was fostered by the Visual Art Program at CreatiVets, an organization which offers creative outlets, such as songwriting and visual art, to veterans surviving post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries. Veterans with post-traumatic stress, or PTS, re-experience traumatic events even decades after, often feeling the original fear, horror, or helplessness. Many of these individuals feel isolated by their experiences and do not seek help from the VA. CreatiVets’ mission is to reach these wounded veterans who haven’t yet sought out further support and equip them with the appropriate resources to channel these intrusive memories.
The programs offered by CreatiVets emphasize creative interventions through the arts. Artistic expression allows veterans to shed light on these experiences which may still be too painful to put into words. Complementing these artistic resources, these programs also provide strong social support in the veteran community to combat the often isolating nature of PTS. Committed to making this empowerment accessible, CreatiVets flies combat-wounded veterans from around the country for three week art programs at Glassell School of Art, Belmont University, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Additionally, CreatiVets partners with communities, organizations, and institutions around the country to offer short programs and workshops to introduce the visual arts to veterans. Because of this, over 2000 veterans have been given access to these life-changing resources.
The large pieces displayed are a culmination of a veteran’s devotion to emotional healing in a three-week art program where they begin to share these stories – relinquishing this burden to the construction of their piece. The collages on view were created by local veterans during a workshop led by CreatiVets as part of the 2023 Partnerships for Veteran and Military Health, Strengthening Networks conference hosted by the CU Anschutz College of Nursing.
As you encounter the art in these display cases, observe each work with careful reverence. Every shape, color, texture, and material carries significance – playing a crucial role in the unraveling of a memory. These pieces speak louder to the more attentive observer.

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