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Vision 100 and Operation 2045


What are Vision 100 and Operation 2045?

Mission: To provide excellence in service and support
Vision: 100 million annual passengers and beyond

Vision 100 and Operation 2045 are two phases of DEN’s strategic plan. Vision 100 is phase one and is focused on preparing the airport to serve 100 million annual passengers as soon as 2027. Operation 2045 is phase two and is focused on preparing the airport for its 50th anniversary in 2045 and for an expected 120 million-plus annual passengers. Both phases combined serve as a blueprint to align decision-making and accountability.

Why are Vision 100 and Operation 2045 Important?

DEN is the economic engine for the region, generating $36.4 billion a year, employing more than 40,000 employees and supporting nearly 260,000 jobs. But the benefits of the airport extend well beyond that.

“DEN belongs to all of Colorado. As we increase our passenger numbers and global connections, this team will be working to create more economic, business, education and cultural opportunities. The opportunities are endless and together we can create a stronger more diverse community where everyone can thrive.”

– Phil Washington, DEN CEO


Vision 100 Pillars

DEN’s strategic plan is centered around the four pillars of Vision 100 and under each pillar are strategic objectives.

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Empowering our People

  • Build a skilled and diverse talent pipeline that’s committed to excellence
  • Support learning and growth of DEN employees
  • Establish a culture of belonging and inclusion

Growing our Infrastructure

  • Build integrated systems of planning to realize projects and meet demands
  • Increase non-aeronautical revenue
  • Grow responsibly to become the most sustainable airport in the world
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Maintaining What We Have

  • Improve durability, reliability, predictability and maintenance of DEN’s assets
  • Implement an Airport Experience Improvement program
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Expanding our Global Connections

  • Expand to unserved destinations, including Africa
  • Grow our domestic air network

Strategic Guiding Principles

Four guiding principles are incorporated into the execution of Vision 100 and Operation 2045.

Sustainability and Resiliency

Our goal is to become the greenest airport in the world, while ensuring our actions and decisions foster a healthy and resilient organization.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility

We are better when everyone is at the table and when we respect and listen to all viewpoints.

Operational Excellence

We maintain focus on ensuring efficient and effective operations while collaborating with our partners to identify and address changes, review our experiences and implement improvements based on learnings.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

This is our core business. We will work closely with our stakeholders to meet and exceed the needs and desires of our travelers.

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