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Noise and Airspace


DEN actively manages noise issues that affect the community.

Interested in tracking airline activity at any given point in time? Use our online tool, PublicVue, to track aircraft activity around DEN. You can also use the PublicVue site to send us your noise concerns.

This resource will keep you informed of activities at the airport that may have an impact on normal aircraft traffic patterns and aircraft noise.

Denver International Airport (DEN) now offers an online system for tracking the movement of flights and air traffic patterns within the greater Denver region. PublicVue flight tracking and noise information system allows the public to research data about flights to and from DEN, Centennial Airport, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Front Range Airport and Buckley Air Force Base, as well as any air traffic that transitions through the region. The system also simplifies the process of filing a noise complaint, offering a web channel for residents who wish to register concerns regarding noise levels.

Track Flights Online with PublicVue Send a Noise Concern

Thinking of buying a home near DEN?

If so, please give the Noise Office staff a call at 303-342-2380. They are available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Staff can provide up-to-date information on flight paths for areas in and around DEN and help citizens looking for property near DEN understand what to expect when living near a very busy metropolitan airport. Staff can provide flight track maps showing the flight patterns over the particular property you are looking to purchase. They also have noise monitoring terminals positioned in the surrounding neighborhoods that can provide single event and 24 hour average noise level measurements.

Click on the PublicVue web application and plot the address of the home you are thinking of purchasing to see what kind of traffic is flying over that particular property (how high, what type of aircraft, etc.). This application is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have any further questions, or need more information please call the Noise Office directly at 303-342-2380.

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What are the Development Guidelines in the Vicinity of DEN?

Noise Documents and Reports

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DEN Noise Office
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DEN Noise Manager
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DEN’s 24/7 Noise Hotline
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