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Community Panelist Program


Join the Community Panelist Program and help DEN provide contract opportunities for all.

The DEN Commerce Hub is recruiting community members to serve as Community Panelists on DEN procurement evaluation panels.

Through equitable procurements, the city is committed to removing barriers and increasing access to city contracting opportunities for all businesses

DEN is committed to a fair and impartial procurement process and to helping small businesses succeed.

As a volunteer member of a procurement evaluation panel, you will help the airport select the most qualified, responsive and responsible proposal while also gaining insight into the DEN procurement process and an understanding of elements that make a proposal successful.

The community members consist of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the local business community. As a panel member, you will get a chance to understand the DEN proposal and interview process that can assist you in any future DEN procurement opportunities.

Register Online to Volunteer

Contract Administration will contact you if/when a procurement opportunity best fits your subject matter expertise. It may take from nine to 11 months before we contact you due to the procurement opportunities that are being released and evaluated.

Community Panelists are reminded to respect the confidentiality of all information related to the evaluation and selection process.

Above all, a panel member is required to act with honesty and fairness throughout the process and to make recommendations that are accountable, transparent and supported by evaluation records.

  • All volunteer community panelists must be available to participate in the entire evaluation process timeline.
  • All volunteer community panelists must understand the skills, knowledge and expertise required to ensure a robust evaluation.
  • Share your experience and helpful insight regarding historically underutilized multicultural businesses. These include small businesses and those owned by minorities, women, veterans, LGBTQ+ and individuals living with disabilities, as well as those in economically distressed or redlined neighborhoods.
  • Share an inside view of the evaluation review process and gain an understanding of what values are important to DEN.

Community Panelist FAQs

DEN has a strong focus to ensure that we are using equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) as our guiding principles in all our business practices. The Commerce Hub is recruiting community members to evaluate upcoming procurement evaluation panels at Denver International Airport (DEN).

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