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Ride Share (Uber/Lyft)

Ride shares can be accessed on Island 5 of either side of the terminal (East or West)

Helpful Tips for Ride Apps:

  • Wait to request your ride until after you’ve claimed your luggage at baggage claim or have arrived on Level 5.
  • Please use the designated crosswalks to access Island 5 and be aware of vehicle traffic in the area.
  • Ride app drivers are not allowed to solicit customers and payment is made in the mobile app.
  • Rides may only be requested through the mobile apps.
  • Before you get into a ride app vehicle, make sure the license plate, car make and model, and driver name match what is in the app.
  • Rideshare passengers that require extra assistance can request a pickup at the curbside of Level 5 near doors 504, 506, 510 or 512 (west side) or doors 505, 507, 511 or 513 (east side).

More Transportation Options:

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