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Welcome Aboard ‘Colorado Trains & Planes’


Welcome Aboard ‘Colorado Trains & Planes’

Jeppesen Terminal, Ansbacher Hall, Level 6 North, before A Bridge Security

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About the Artist, Curated by the DEN Arts Program

This unique exhibit would not have been possible without the help and support of many others. 
A shout-out goes to the Colorado Railroad Museum, the Regional Transportation District, and Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum for all their help with creating this exhibit.

About Welcome Aboard ‘Colorado Trains & Planes’

A unique snapshot of two of Colorado’s major industries – aviation and railroad – was presented by “Colorado Trains & Planes.” This exhibit featured an array of historical and modern artifacts that told a visual story of the guiding industries in Colorado.
Whether built to ride on rails or soar in the sky, trains and planes have always been an awe-inspiring part of our history and lives. A journey through “Colorado Trains & Planes” highlighted the long-standing role each industry has played in shaping the state’s development, including agriculture, technology and the economy. The exhibit captured the spirited ways Coloradans have embraced transport and travel with artifacts, including model airplanes and trains, provided by experts and enthusiasts from around the state.

a display of airplanes in a glass case

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