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Performing Surveys and Acquiring Survey Control at DEN: For Design, Construction Layout and As-Built

To support diverse DEN initiatives and requirements, including FAA Airport GIS (also known as eALP) and DEN maintenance efforts, DEN Design Engineering, and Construction (DEC) requires that all airport staff, contractors and consultants comply with the DEN Survey Control requirements/standards detailed in the documents listed in the “AIRPORT GUIDELINES & POLICIES” section of this page (below).

  • Before starting field surveys on DEN property, the contractor or consultant must coordinate a pre-survey preparation activities meeting.
  • This meeting is to be arranged through the DEN Project Manager’s Office with the attendance of the contractor or consultant and the DEN Survey Section.
  • The contractor or consultant is responsible for obtaining DEN-related survey guidance, access to DEN survey network, Primary Control, projection parameters, and training materials from DEN Survey at the pre-survey meeting and/or prior to beginning any survey work.
  • DEN has deployed, and requires all surveys, to be performed utilizing Trimble Business Center.
  • All surveyors are required to request a subscription to access to DEN’s VRS network.
  • Once permission is granted, the user will be provided with a time-limited username and password for use during the duration of the project. A link to the network webpage is provided below.

DEN has updated its design and construction survey requirements. Links to these documents are provided in the “AIRPORT GUIDELINES & POLICIES” section (below). Documents are updated regularly and consultants and contractors are advised to check periodically for current documents.

Emissions Testing Center for Tunnel Permitting

DEN Fleet Maintenance provides to airport vendors a State Emissions Test Center to confirm their Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles/equipment/tugs meet all requirements for operation in the tunnels.

All non-electric vehicles operating in the airport tunnels are required to be tested annually. If the vehicle/equipment/tug passes the test, they are permitted for one year to operate in the airport tunnels. Upon successful completion of the test, DEN Fleet Maintenance will install a registered permit sticker on the vehicle/equipment/tug that shows the date of expiration.

Airport Guidelines and Policies – Construction

Need a Contractor for an Upcoming Tenant Construction Project?

Take a look at this list of General Contractors who have expressed interest in projects at DEN.

Technologies Tenant Services

Tenants of Denver International Airport can take advantage of the airport’s Technologies Tenant Services (TTS) program to acquire voice and data services to run their business.


  • Telephone services and/or desktop phones
  • Voice mail
  • Call routing


  • High-speed Internet access (various speeds available)
  • Private Wi-Fi

Television Programming

  • High-definition channel package(s)l from local provider (receiver unit required)
  • No recurring fees for “over the air” local broadcast channels

On-Site Technical Support

  • On-site support Monday through Saturday, from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • After-hours emergency support is available

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