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Sustainability is much more than just recycling! Denver International Airport (DEN) strategically considers the long-term economic, social and environmental impacts of all airport activities.

Denver International Airport (DEN) strategically considers the long-term economic, social and environmental impacts of all airport activities.

We want to maximize long-term benefits and ensure that our success strengthens our community stakeholders. DEN is making every effort to make the planet better for the next generation.

Sustainability covers three main areas: community, environment and financial and operational excellence.

Sustainability Policy (PDF)

DEN Launches Program to Recycle Appliances, E-Waste, and Hopefully More

DEN is launching a new program to recycle appliances, e-waste, and hopefully more. Aware that companies at DEN have little choice but to landfill many waste items, DEN has partnered with the companies below to keep these items out of the waste stream. Give them a call!

Company NameContactWhat They RecyclePhone
Blue Star RecyclersJonathan SabarE-waste(303) 534-1667
ET TechnologiesJeff RoehrigLarge appliances containing Freon(303) 680-9414


Waste Diversion Rate


LEED Certified Facilities


Deicing Fluid Collection Rate


Megawatt capacity of on-site solar arrays

Sustainability Stats

DEN is on a mission to become one of the greenest airports in the world. These are just some of the steps we are taking to get there.

Sustainability Objectives

Learn about DEN’s sustainability objectives as the airport looks to meet the ever-evolving demands of future travel, transportation and land stewardship.

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Air Quality and Climate

PCA and GPU utilization is a key strategy to reduce air emissions by allowing aircraft to turn off their Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) and not use jet fuel when parked at the gate.

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Land Protection

DEN has worked with our community partners, our neighbors and our stakeholders to ensure that the land around the airport is protected. The continued vibrancy of the land around DEN is a high priority as we look to the future.

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The airport has been a model for energy efficiency and daylighting since it opened in 1995. Denver International Airport’s Jeppesen Terminal was designed to exceed energy conservation standards. More than 20 years later, we continue to build high-performing, energy efficient buildings while working to continually improve our existing facilities.

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Sustainable Developments

DEN has worked with airlines to create opportunities to grow, even as we’re staying true to our commitment to responsible development. The Great Hall renovations are tracking to become LEED credentialed as well. By drawing on elements like natural daylight, high efficiency heating and cooling equipment and photovoltaic energy generation, we’re creating a new way to expand for the future.

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Water Use

DEN is in the process of building a new glycol recycling facility that will allow recycled deicing fluid to be reused onsite. As part of the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) agreement, standard fixtures within public restrooms have been replaced with low-flow toilets and urinals.

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Water Quality

Year after year, DEN collects about 70 percent of the deicing fluid applied on aircraft each season. Annually, this prevents 1.5 million gallons of aircraft deicing fluid from being released into the environment.

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Waste Reduction

DEN takes waste reduction and diversion very seriously at DEN. In 2022, we were proud to keep our core diversion programs going strong, including single-stream recycling, luggage donation and wooden pallet and plastic film recycling. DEN re-established programs that had been impacted by the pandemic including compost collection and food donation. Our airport concessionaire compost collection program reached pre-pandemic levels of almost 20 tons per month, which resulted in the highest landfill waste diversion rate in DEN’s history.

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Denver International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. DEN is the primary economic engine for the state of Colorado, generating more than $36 billion for the region annually. Follow us on socials!