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Procurement/Business Opportunities

Procurement/Business Opportunities at DEN

Thank you for your interest in doing business at Denver International Airport.

DEN strives to maintain its status as one of the premier airports in the world, and working with strong business partners is a key component of our success.

Our dedication to ensure DEN’s continuous maintenance and to explore long-term expansion creates numerous opportunities for small and large businesses. Most airport construction and professional service opportunities are awarded to companies through request for proposal (RFP) or competitive bid (IFB) processes.

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DEN will not be held responsible for misinformation received from private plan holders. Please use the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing (BidNet) site to obtain solicitation information for the airport.

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ProjectDescriptionAnticipated Advertisement DateEstimated Project ValueDate Announced Here
Airside On-Call Engineering ServicesThe scope of work for each task will be defined on an individual basis and may include studies, designs, contract documents, bid services, construction administration, testing and reporting, scheduling, cost estimating, surveying and other airside engineering services as needed. Projects may include, but are not limited to, rehabilitation of airfield concrete pavement and asphalt pavements, airfield electrical and lighting systems rehabilitation, drainage improvements in projects, demolition, earthwork, utility construction, relocation and rehabilitation, and the development of construction safety and phasing plans, all in accordance with FAA standards. The following elements comprise the overall description for the Airside On-call Design Services: Airfield Design, Structural Design, Miscellaneous Design, Construction Phase Support Services, Geotechnical Investigations and Other Pre-Design Services, Survey and Mapping, Multiple consultants will be selected to provide engineering design services on a Task-issued, As-Needed basis Each contract will be a 3-year term. DSBO issued a 24% MWBE goal for this opportunity.February 2024$4,000,000.00 to $4,500,000.001/26/2024
DEN Meet & Assist Pilot Program 2This request is for a competitive request for proposals (RFP) as Denver International Airport (DEN) seeks to select a qualified firm to provide domestic and international arrival, departure and connection meet and assist services for DEN customers. The vendor shall provide a tiered, fee-based service with various options for customers to select from based on their travel needs. The fee structure/revenue split will be negotiated between DEN and the successful vendor. Per the Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO) MWBE Goals do not apply.February 2024Revenue1/8/2024
DEN Safety Management SoftwareThis request is for a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) to select a qualified vendor to provide a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) to establish, execute, and uphold all facets of Denver International Airport (DEN) operations, as mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Within this SMS framework, DEN’s Safety Division has identified a critical requirement for the acquisition of an integrated software solution. This software will serve as a unified platform for ensuring safety assurance, promoting safety culture, facilitating hazard reporting, and managing safety risks effectively. Moreover, it will maintain records for a duration of 36 months, in strict compliance with the FAA’s regulatory directives. DSBO has determined that no goals are required for this procurement.February 2024$1,000,000.00 To $2,000,000.001/22/2024
Wayfinding Signage MaintenanceThis request is for a Request for Bids (RFB). The Planning and Design Group at Denver International Airport (DEN) is seeking a vendor to provide on-call sign fabrication and installation services that include additions to, deletions from, or changes to the wayfinding signage system at DEN. The winning vendor will be selected based on responsiveness, qualifications and being the lowest bidder. The project will be broken down into four parts.

Part I, II and III of this contract is for Airline, Tenant, and Directory sign changes that are required to provide current passenger directions and information. Typically, no more than one Task Order (TO) per month will be issued for Part I, Part II and Part III for the duration of the contract, but more may be issued to meet the needs of the Airlines or Airport Operations. Unless otherwise noted each Airline, Tenant and Directory executed TOs will have a schedule not-to-exceed 22 calendar days. Part IV is for other signs that are not included in Part I, II and III and may be regulatory, informational, directional, or operational & safety signs. Work may include fabrication and installation of new signs, revision of existing signs or relocation of existing signs. Executed TOs for Part IV – Other Work will specify the schedule.

• Part I – Directories is for revisions or updates to Directories for the Concourses/Gates, Trains and Train Stations.
• Part II – Terminal Signs is primarily for revisions or updates or revised messages for overhead & pylon signs on level 5 & 6 and Curbside signs levels 4, 5 and 6 of the Terminal, and some A, B & C Gates signs.
• Part III – Roadway Signs is for revisions, updates and installation of overhead highway and post mounted roadside Airline list signs.
• Part IV – Other Work is for work that does not fall into Part I, II or III above, and for which there is no Unit Price. The schedule will be specified in the TO or Task Directive and may exceed 22 days. Contractor is responsible for providing all applicable permits, structural design, electrical and structural sign modification for all work. Contractor is responsible for meeting all local regulations and codes, including CDOT where applicable.
January 2024$1,250,000 to $2,000,00011/28/2023

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