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Business Development Training Academy

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The BDTA supports small businesses during the lifecycle of their business at DEN by providing trainings at all transitional points of the business.

The Training Academy gives small businesses a systematic approach to entering DEN as a subcontractor in the areas of Construction, Professional Services, Goods and Services and Concessions. The three primary goals of the Training Academy are to create, educate and cultivate an environment where the small business can grow and connect with other businesses and industry groups.

ACDBE certification affords small businesses the opportunity to compete for concessions contracts, either as an operator or supplier, at Denver International Airport (DEN), as well as other airports receiving federal funding throughout Colorado. It is race- and gender-conscious.

Who is BDTA for?

BDTA is for architects, engineers, construction contractors, professional services and goods and services companies.

BDTA is a tiered approach program for certified small businesses to grow their company from an entry level of never having worked at DEN to pursuing work as a prime at DEN and beyond into other markets and airports.

The focus is on increasing knowledge about DEN, strengthening partnerships and growing the small business. The academy helps build a pipeline for certified small businesses to learn about opportunities and ultimately graduate from DSBO’s certified program. As a result of these modular trainings, the airport is able to increase the pool of certified firms ready, willing and able to do work and be successful at DEN.

Get the Training you Need to Bid on Opportunities at DEN

Who should attend?

Small business firms in the architecture, engineering, construction, professional services, goods and services and concessions industries. Companies must be a certified small firm in good standing with the City and County of Denver and Colorado Department of Transportation.

Target Audience

Senior level / decision makers of the organization.


Participation is not required to be awarded a contract or subcontract work at DEN, and participation does not guarantee the award of any contract or subcontract work at DEN.

BDTA Course Levels

BDTA offers four course levels with different requirements for participation.

Denver International Airport BDTA Concourse 100

Concourse 100: Entry Level

First time conducting work at DEN. 9-week series of courses.

See Curriculum and Learn More
Denver International Airport BDTA Concourse 200

Concourse 200: Intermediate

Completed 1 to 3 contracts at DEN. Must complete Concourse 100 or seek a waiver. 1 to 8 week series of courses. Á la carte classes.

See Curriculum and Learn More
Denver International Airport BDTA Concourse 300

Concourse 300: DEN and Beyond

Completed work on 5 or more contracts. Preparing to do work outside of DEN. 1 to 8 week series of courses. Á la carte classes. Concourse 300 is still in the development stage. This site will be updated as information is available.

DEN BDTA Training Course Concessions


The BDTA is currently working on developing courses for concessionaires.

We are currently in the discovery phase and are looking for businesses to share how we can best build the training academy to support the following areas:

  • Curriculum Design – Identifying opportunity areas for the ACDBEs to learn about DEN and the concessions area.
  • Design of the Academy – Collecting ideas on the structure of BDTA.
  • Connections – Suggesting other organizations that could be a connection point for BDTA.

If you are interested in participating in the buildout of the concessions program, please contact us.

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BDTA Photos

Here are additional photo galleries of BDTA courses:
Concourse 100 Graduation 2022   Concourse 100 Orientation 2022
Concourse 100 Orientation 2023   Concourse 100 Graduation

Denver International Airport BDTA Training Academy Group Photo
DEN business development course classroom
DEN BDTA Training Course Concessions
DEN BDTA Training Course
DEN BDTA Training Course
DEN BDTA Training Course
DEN BDTA Training Course men shaking hands
DEN BDTA Training Course speaker
DEN BDTA Training Course speaker
DEN BDTA Training Course
DEN BDTA Training Course speaker
DEN BDTA Training Course
DEN BDTA Training Course awards
DEN BDTA Training Course speaker
DEN BDTA Training Course

Interested in Business Development and Training Academy Events?

The BDTA hosts events designed to ensure the success of those wanting to work at DEN.


It’s not enough to say because I have experience, I am capable of working at Denver International Airport. You must understand the “Process of working at the Airport.” The Business Development Training Academy is designed to help your organization understand and implement each process step resulting in a successful partnership with DEN.

— W.T. Boykin Jr. “Chip”, Director at N.A.A.C.P. Economic Development Center

I am so very glad to see DEN is developing a training program for the companies interested in doing work at the airport. DEN has been a wonderful incubator for my business where we grew and thrived over the years, but it has been a very rough ride full of lessons learned. The Business Development Training academy will allow companies to gain knowledge so they can prepare and equip themselves with the necessary tools to succeed in their business endeavors with the airport. I wish a program like this existed when I started my journey, it would have been a smoother, less stressful and more profitable ride.

— Monika Celado-Stenger, President/CEO at Servitech, Inc.

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