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CATS – In Action!


CATS – In Action!

Jeppesen Terminal, Airport Office Building Lobby, near A Bridge Security

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About CATS – In Action!

DEN’s Canine Airport Therapy Squad (CATS) is a huge success with the traveling public. This show featured some of the best photos of CATS in-action, as taken by Ken Mostek, DEN’s former multimedia producer.
The CATS program offers a means for travelers to relieve stress in a truly unexpected way. The program gives passengers an opportunity to interact with a certified therapy dog during their journey through the airport. Volunteer pet owners provide their time, and their family pet, to this program. All CATS dogs are registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and are trained, certified and insured. Hug them, pet them, and take pictures with them. Our dogs are outfitted in “Pet Me” vests and are here to improve your day in a way that only CATS can!

a child petting a dog

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