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Partial West Garage Closure

Rows E-H in the West Garage will be closed July 22 through July 27 on all levels for power washing and re-striping work. Rows J-M in the West Garage will be closed July 28 through August 4. Any remaining vehicles in the area will be relocated to the surface lot adjacent to the southwest corner of West Garage.

Closure Schedule

Art at Den

Landscape Paintings by Kristen Ross


Landscape Paintings by Kristen Ross

Airport Office Building Lobby, Near A Bridge Security

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About the Artist, Kristen Ross

Moved by the post-impressionist and expressionist movements’ treatment of light, color, and movement, Kristen uses layers of vibrant color and linework to convey her impressions while preserving the realistic form of the landscape. She is captivated by the intersection of realism and subjectivity, highlighting the delicate balance between seemingly opposing concepts: realism and abstraction, tradition and experimentation, planning and intuition.

Artist Website:

About Landscape Paintings by Kristen Ross

Kristen Ross is a contemporary landscape painter based in Boulder, Colorado. She paints the places she loves to explore, celebrating the complexity of the West’s wild spaces with vivid color and intricate detail.

Inspired by her passion for hiking and camping, Kristen’s acrylic paintings seek to capture the essence of time spent in nature through layering and linear mark-making, evoking the constant changes occurring all around us at every level of scale. She first experiences each location in person, then combines sketches, reference photos, and research on the location’s history and ecology into a finished piece from her North Boulder studio.

Artist Website:

Picture of painting by Kristen Ross.

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