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“Mo’PRINT 2016: A Century of Printmaking in Colorado


“Mo’PRINT 2016: A Century of Printmaking in Colorado

Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5, southeast, Near Baggage Carousel 9

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About the Artist, Curated by Leon Loughridge

“Mo’PRINT” was curated by Leon Loughridge and includes 27 artists and printmakers who resided or worked in Colorado from the late 1870’s to present day.

About “Mo’PRINT 2016: A Century of Printmaking in Colorado

“Mo’PRINT 2016: A Century of Printmaking in Colorado,” illustrated the contributions made by various Colorado printmaking institutions and individual artists over the last 100 years.
“Mo’PRINT,” or “Month of Printmaking,” was a biannual Colorado Front Range celebration designed to inspire, educate and promote awareness about the art of making original prints. The exhibit was curated by Leon Loughridge, a woodblock printmaker, avid print collector and historian. The show featured prints, many from Loughbridge’s own collection, by renowned artists such as Vance Kirkland, Red Grooms, and Melanie Yazzie.
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