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Art at Den

The Art of Old Signs


The Art of Old Signs

A Gates, Y-Juncture Gallery, located past the A-Security checkpoint

About the Artist, Austin Baskett

Baskett is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. He started his career in graphic design, and has been an illustrator for 30 years, yet his career path took him into creative management and marketing and operations in the beauty industry. He worked with brands American Crew and Revlon, along with entrepreneurial endeavors, and a role as Chief Marketing Officer for the third largest beauty distributor in the United States. Upon retiring from the beauty industry, he started driving part-time for Via Mobility to give back to his community by providing accessible transportation services to those in need. Baskett even found a couple of the neon signs in this exhibit while he was driving for Via Mobility. In his spare time, he loves to hike, ski and bike, including a cross-country bike trek when he was younger. He moved to Colorado with his wife in 1993 and splits his time between Lafayette and Salida.

About The Art of Old Signs

Old neon signs have always intrigued artist Austin Baskett. The signs are storytellers of a bygone era. All but a few of the signs exhibited in this show are from Colorado and despite the constant threat of development, many are still in existence. Over the past 10 years Baskett has traveled the state drawing these iconic relics to help preserve their beauty and to share their stories with others. Enjoy!

a picture of a sign on a wall

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