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Art at Den

It’s a Colorful World


It’s a Colorful World

Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5 west side, near north security screening

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About the Artist, Multiple Contributors

Multiple artists contributed to this exhibit. Inkyo Back, Colby Brumit, Raul de la Torre, Ted Laredo, William Loveless, and Melanie Rothschild are represented by Michael Warren Contemporary, a contemporary art gallery in the Arts District on Santa Fe Drive in Denver.

About It’s a Colorful World

“It’s a Colorful World” had travelers seeing red – and green, and blue, and purple alongside a whole spectrum of other vibrant colors. “It’s a Colorful World,” showcased the artwork of six artists whose preference for using a colorful palette was hard to go unnoticed.
Color plays an important role in the way people perceive their surroundings. The artists in the exhibit explored the ways colors merely sit together and how they make people feel through their vivid abstract paintings, drawings, collages and ceramics. The cheerful and relaxing vibe in “It’s a Colorful World” brought a great experience for travelers at DEN.

a piece of paper with a patchwork of a face

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