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Art at Den

Creatively Remade: Upcycled Art and Design


Creatively Remade: Upcycled Art and Design

May 17 - October 31

B Gates, Ansbacher Hall, Concourse B east, Concourse C center core upper level, Baggage Claim east and west

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About the Artist, Participating Organizations

  • Colorado Metalsmithing Associations
  • Skye Barker Maa for SKYE | AIRE
  • Leigh Cabell
  • Heidi Calega
  • Andrea Fischer
  • Scott Hildebrandt “Mister Christmas”
  • Lucinda Linderman
  • Kate Major
  • Mindful Works
  • Southwest Airlines Repurpose with Purpose Program

About Creatively Remade: Upcycled Art and Design

Creativity meets sustainability in this exhibition featuring art, fashion, and functional objects designed to breathe new life into materials that would otherwise be discarded.

DEN Arts is excited to showcase innovative local designers, artists, and organizations that embed sustainable practices in their work by using materials destined for the waste bin.

From recycled plastics to upcycled textiles, these talented makers demonstrate their mastery in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Found objects are transformed into unique sculptures, seat leather and end bolts of fabric become fashion, and food wrappers are reworked into landscape collages. Each artwork in Creatively Remade speaks to the power of imagination and resourcefulness. Through their craftsmanship, these artists challenge conventional notions of art and design, demonstrating that inspiration can be found anywhere.

Creatively Remade is not only a dazzling showcase of talent but also offers an opportunity to envision a world where creativity knows no bounds and waste becomes a thing of the past.

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