Vision 100

What is Vision 100? 

Vision 100 is a thoughtful and comprehensive plan that will enable DEN to prepare for and reach 100 million annual passengers. While DEN experienced a slight set back as a result of the pandemic, passenger traffic is expected to fully recover in 2022 putting the airport on pace to reach 100 million annual passengers between 2030 and 2035.

What does Vision 100 entail?

Vision 100 consists of four pillars and four guiding principles that will direct the work we do to ensure we are preparing for the future.
Powering our People: This includes those who work at DEN and community members who want to be part of DEN today or in the future. Ultimately, we want Denver to become THE place that businesses and governments around the world look to recruit and hire aviation talent. We will do this by:
  • Providing opportunities for current employees to develop and grow 
  • Preparing future employees through training and internship opportunities
  • Creating more opportunities for minority, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses to do business at DEN and grow to potentially become prime contractors or full concession owners
Growing our Infrastructure: Investing and growing our facility to ensure DEN can accommodate 100 million annual passengers, a 30% increase passenger traffic. This will be done through a variety of projects including:
  • Phase III of the Great Hall 
  • The next phase of Gate Expansion, adding more gates than the 39 we are currently building
  • Additional improvements to Peña Boulevard 
  • Exploring options for a 7th and even 8th runway
  • Adding capacity to our baggage system and upgrading technology 
  • Exploring options to provide redundancy for the train to and from the terminal and concourses.
Maintaining What we Have: The airport is 26 years old and is experiencing a great deal of wear and tear due to our increasing passenger volumes. Here is how we are going to care for our existing facility:
  • Complete the Concourse Renewal project which will upgrade our restrooms, wayfinding, hold rooms and flooring 
  • Continue replacing aging conveyances
  • Replace and even add train cars 
  • Ensure our asset management system is efficient and effective
  • Improve cleanliness, wayfinding, check-ins, WiFi access, parking, concession options and seating comfort.
Expanding Global Connections: We want to solidify Denver and DEN’s place on the world map and create more business and tourism opportunities. A major competitive advantage DEN has is our vast amount of land and the fact that we are centrally located in the United States with easy access to the east and west coast. These advantages will allow us to:
  • Grow our air service network and cargo operations
  • Create additional business opportunities through our DEN Real Estate program as we develop 16,000 acres for commercial use, attracting new business and creating more jobs. By doing so, we will generate additional revenue, keeping cost competitive for airlines, which will lead to more flights, more passengers and more business opportunities.
Guiding Principles:
Four guiding principles will be incorporated into the execution of each pillar and are just as critical to our success.
  1. Sustainability: Our goal is to become the greenest airport in the world
  2. Equity, diversity and inclusion: We are better when everyone has a seat at the table and when we respect and listen to all viewpoint
  3. Customer experience: This is our core business, and we have to exceed the needs and desires of travelers
  4. Our stakeholders: DEN is bigger than just us. Many individuals, businesses and entities depend on our success including our airline partners, concessionaires, neighbors, businesses, local and federal agencies, elected official, travel and tourism partners, our employees and travelers. We must all work together to be successful!

Why is Vision 100 Important? 

DEN is the economic engine for the region, generating $33 billion a year for the region, employing nearly 30,000 employees and supporting nearly 260,000 jobs. But the benefits of the airport extend well beyond that. You might be wondering why Vision 100 is not just important to DEN, but our community.
“DEN belongs to all of Colorado. As we increase our passenger numbers and global connections, this team will be working to create more economic, business, education and cultural opportunities. The opportunities are endless and together we can create a stronger more diverse community where everyone can thrive.” – Phil Washington, DEN CEO 

How can I be a part of Vision 100?

Many of you are already part of Vision 100, but you can participate in a variety of ways:
In the near future, there will even be an opportunity for you to become a member of our new regional Community Advisory Committee – details to be announced soon.