Nursing Rooms

About Nursing Rooms at DEN

DEN offers comfortable, private spaces for mothers to nurse their child(ren) or pump. We have three nursing rooms that are conveniently located post-security at the center of each of DEN’s concourses, we have one nursing room located in the center of the terminal on Level 5 near arrivals, and one on the far east side of Concourse B. Each room offers a tranquil environment to nurse or pump while traveling. The rooms provide:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Comfortable seating
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Power outlets
  • Sink
  • Changing table

The nursing rooms are located at:

  • Center of Jeppesen Terminal, level 5, southside inside women's restroom
    Jeppesen Terminal
  • Center of A Gates, near the women’s restroom closest to Denver Duty Free
    A Gates
  • Center of B Gates, near the women’s restroom closest to Tuleh Ruche
    B Gates
  • Center of C Gates, near the women’s restroom closest to Einstein Bros. Bagels
    C Gates

To request the access code to a nursing room, use the intercom on the wall next to the nursing room door.

DEN Nursing Room