Great Hall Project

The Jeppesen Terminal at Denver International Airport (DEN) features more than 2 million square feet of space, and includes passenger ticketing, baggage claim, ground transportation, international arrivals, shops and restaurants, office areas and TSA security checkpoints. Located beneath the iconic white-tented rooftop of the terminal is an area referred to as the Great Hall. The Great Hall is a spacious, open area that tens of millions of passengers experience when arriving or passing through DEN, and as they head to TSA checkpoints.

But much has changed since DEN opened 22 years ago. DEN is now the sixth busiest airport in the U.S., and as passenger traffic in Denver hits all-time highs, the capacity of the Jeppesen Terminal is becoming stretched.

Originally built to serve 50 million passengers, last year 58.3 million passengers passed through the airport. In 1995, the Great Hall was a traveler’s oasis. The area featured lounge seating, abundant trees and other foliage, and a relatively small footprint for security. But after 9/11, the space was filled with TSA security screening and associated lines that were never meant to be in that space.

Redeveloping the capacity, design and use of the Great Hall will greatly enhance security, improve passenger flow and return the terminal to a passenger oasis. We invite you to browse this site to learn more about the Great Hall project and its mission to create a more efficient and enjoyable experience for the travelling public. To sign up for periodic e-mail updates about this exciting project, click here.