Great Hall Completion Project

In July 2018, DEN began its Great Hall Project at the airport’s main Jeppesen Terminal. Its objective is to enhance safety and security, improve passenger flow and increase capacity. When complete, the project will deliver a safer, more efficient Great Hall that serves as a warm welcome to Denver, keeps up with passenger demand, and leaves a lasting impression for all passengers and visitors.

  • DEN was built 25 years ago for an anticipated 50 million annual passengers. In 2019, over 69 million passengers traveled through DEN
  • DEN is expecting to hit 80 million passengers by 2025 and 110 million passengers by 2040
  • When the airport opened in 1995, 60% of the passengers connected through DEN. Today, nearly 65% originate from DEN and only 35% connect and that puts much more stress on the terminal facility than ever anticipated

The Great Hall Project is following federal, state and local requirements for preventing the spread of COVID-19. The contractor is providing continual cleaning services to disinfect high-touch surfaces in common areas (meeting rooms, bathrooms, break areas, etc.), limiting the number of people in common areas and requiring face mask for workers. The contractor added trained professionals to implement  health checks that include high fever and symptom screening in accordance with City and County of Denver guidelines.


Cranes on the Exterior Level 6 as the Great Hall Project Continues

Starting Sunday, May 17 at 11 p.m., crews will install a crane on the east side of Level 6 (passenger drop-off) as part of the Great Hall Project. The crane will allow crews to begin construction on the new bathrooms on both Level 5 and 6 by installing steel.

During mobilization of the 42-foot long crane, three lanes of traffic will be closed between doors 607-611 on the east side (Southwest Airlines check-in). As a result, there will be no access to the sidewalk or curbside drop-off between these doors.

Once the crane is installed, doors 607-611 on the east side, Level 6 will be closed for the safety of passengers while the crane is operational. During this time, the sidewalk, curbside check-in for passenger drop-off lane and first full lane of traffic in this area will also be closed. Traffic can navigate around the closure by dropping off before or after the crane closure area. Pedestrians trying to cross on Level 6 will be directed inside, down to Level 5, through baggage claim and back up to Level 6. The crane on the east side will be in place for approximately eight weeks.

Level 6 east side crane set-up

A second crane will arrive on the west side in the center of the terminal in July with the same impacts to the traveling public as the east side crane. More information will be released closer to the mobilization date.


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