Great Hall Project

About the Project

The Great Hall Project is one of DEN’s capital improvement projects that will help the airport prepare for the future by enhancing security, improving operational efficiency and increasing capacity of the Jeppesen terminal. The Jeppesen Terminal was originally designed to accommodate 50 million passengers, but in 2019, DEN served 69 million passengers. DEN is quickly recovering from the pandemic and is expected to serve approximately 70 million passengers in 2022 and reach 100 million passengers in approximately 10 years. The Great Hall project is vital for DEN’s success in preparing for this growth and is part of DEN’s Vision 100 plan.  

The Great Hall project consists of two phases with a third phase currently under consideration. The first two phases will be completed within the original $770 million budget. The project strictly focuses on building a new ticketing/check-in space for some of our airlines as well as a new security checkpoint. The project is not focused on retail and will not be a “mall” rather the project will improve operations and passenger flow.

Phase 1

DEN celebrated the completion of Phase 1 on Oct. 27, 2021, less than 20 months after Hensel Phelps resumed work on the project. Hensel Phelps not only met every milestone and finished on schedule, but also under budget.

This first phase of the project renovated the center portion of Jeppesen Terminal on Levels 5 and 6 to create new check-in space for United, Southwest and eventually Frontier Airlines. The renovations created a more modern check-in experience and added more capacity in the terminal, improving operational efficiency.

The completion of Phase 1 brings many features and benefits for passengers including:

  • More space! An additional 31,000 square feet of space for the Jeppesen Terminal as well as approximately 158,500 square feet of newly renovated space
  • Modernized spaces with flexibility for the future! New ticketing areas in the center of Level 6 with 86 automated self-bag drop units (43 on each side) to make the to streamline the check-in process
  • Better bathrooms!  Four new restrooms with upgrades to existing restrooms

Phase 2

This phase kicked off in July 2021 and enhances security by building a new security checkpoint on Level 6 in the northwest corner of the Jeppesen Terminal. The new security checkpoint will have improved technology and a new queuing concept that will provide more effective and efficient security. The new checkpoint is scheduled to open by early 2024 with the rest of the work completed in mid-2024.

Specifically Phase 2 includes the following improvements:

  • New security checkpoint on the northwest side of Level 6
  • Widened balcony for more capacity and space at the new checkpoint 
  • A new triple escalator from Level 6 security checkpoint to Level 4 train platform
  • Installation of new escalator on west curbside