DEN Academy

DEN Academy Applications have closed for 2022, please check back in Spring 2023 for the next cohort!


Prepare for Takeoff

DEN Academy was developed for students entering 7th-10th grades. The Academy is an introduction to the world of aviation through interactive learning, critical thinking and team projects. Through engagement with airport professionals, students gain both an up-close look and a broader perspective of the many aspects of aviation available to them as they prepare for their future.

Students in the DEN Academy:

  • Acquire knowledge of the inner workings and career paths found at the airport
  • Participate in interactive sessions with airport leaders and professionals
  • Tour the airport and visit other operational entities
  • Receive guidance on developing a career plan
  • Earn a DEN Academy Certification upon completion of the program

Getting most from the DEN Academy Experience:

As DEN Academy meets only once a week, students will benefit most from attending each session. We ask that students commit in advance to attending the full program. In case of an emergency, parents are expected to contact the program manager to let them know their student will miss a session. 

DEN Academy seeks students who will be active and contributing members. Students who demonstrate a strong desire to attend the Academy, exhibit a positive attitude and complete all class assignments or projects will have the most successful experience as a DEN Academy participant. 


Contact [email protected]

At DEN Academy, all students are welcome regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identities, socio-economic status, disabilities, and other diverse identities that we each bring to our program. We believe that all students benefit from educational experiences that will help them to learn, lead, and serve in an increasingly diverse society. We strive to cultivate a new generation of thinkers positioned to build transformational equitable systems in the future that are void of any disparities.