Business Development Training Academy


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The nine-week Business Development Training Academy seeks to support small businesses during the lifecycle of its business at Denver International Airport (DEN) by providing trainings at all transitional points of the business. The Training Academy will help small businesses have a systematic approach to entering DEN as a subcontractor in the areas of Construction, Professional Services, Goods & Services, and Concessions. The three primary goals of the Training Academy is to create, educate, and cultivate an environment where the small business can grow and connect with other businesses and industry groups. The academy will help build a pipeline for certified small businesses from learning about opportunities to graduating from DSBO’s certified program. As a result of these modular trainings, DEN will be able to increase the pool of certified firms ready, willing, and able to do work and be successful at DEN.

DEN Seeking Participants for Pilot Program

We are looking for a limited number of small businesses to participate in our pilot rollout that will take place Aug. 2 - Sept. 27, 2022. The deadline to apply is July 15. Space is limited and you must be able to commit to the full nine-week program. Your feedback will be critical to helping us revise and adjust the program according.

Who Should Attend

Small business firms in the architect, engineer, construction, professional services, and goods and service industries. Companies must be a certified small firm in good standing with the City and County of Denver.

Target Audience

Senior Level / Decision Maker


There are two sessions available (*these sessions are not interchangeable)

Classes are in the evening from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Schedule for Nine-Week Program

  • Orientation – Aug. 2 for both sessions and will be in person
  • In person schedule – Every Tuesday starting Aug. 9
  • Virtual schedule – Every Thursday starting Aug. 11
  • Graduation – Sept. 27 for both session will be in person

Class Curriculum

Week 1: Welcome to DEN - Networking and Orientation: Gives participants in both sessions an opportunity to meet in-person with DEN representatives and other entities involved in the Business Development Training Academy. We will share an overview of the course objectives, timeline and expectations as you move through the courses.

Week 2: Navigating DEN: Covers the specific business requirements for working at DEN.

Week 3: Procurement Process: Provides an overview of DEN’s various delivery methods and procurement processes (PSA, Design, GC – hard bid, CMR, DB – etc.)

Week 4: Contract Templates 101 and Intro to the Yellow Book: Provides an overview of DEN contract structure and an introduction to the Yellow Book (the City of Denver’s General Conditions / General Requirements).

Week 5: Intro to Contract Documents: Provides and introduction and overview of the contract documents.

Week 6: Payment Cycling: Provides an overview of the workflow and processes for invoice submittal and the compliance/approval requirements for payment release and receipt.

Week 7: Partnerships with Prime Contractors: How to strategically, as a small business, position with the right business partner

Week 8: Navigating Financing: Introduction to community partner resources and assistance

Week 9: Graduation: How to fly with DEN


Participation is not required to be awarded a contract or subcontract work at DEN, and participation does not guarantee the award of any contract or subcontract work at DEN.

Testimonials from the Business Community

“I am so very glad to see DEN is developing a training program for the companies interested in doing work at the airport. DEN has been a wonderful incubator for my business where we grew and thrived over the years, but it has been a very rough ride full of lessons learned. The Business Development Training academy will allow companies to gain knowledge so they can prepare and equip themselves with the necessary tools to succeed in their business endeavors with the airport. I wish a program like this existed when I started my journey, it would have been a smoother, less stressful and more profitable ride.” - Monika Celado-Stenger President/CEO at Servitech, Inc.

“It’s not enough to say because I have experience, I am capable of working at Denver International Airport. You must understand the “Process of working at the Airport.” The Business Development Training Academy is designed to help your organization understand & implement each process step resulting in a successful partnership with DEN.” - W.T. Boykin Jr. “Chip”, Director at N.A.A.C.P. Economic Development Center

“DEN’s Business Development Training Academy project is a crucial support system that helps Colorado businesses contracting at Denver International Airport. Each session seeks to educate and cultivate small businesses to turn the corner in every development stage they face.”
- Rosy Aburto McDonough, Executive Director, Hispanic Contractors of Colorado & HCC Contractor Academy

“DEN’s Training Academy is an awesome way for businesses to increase their opportunity for success in working at DEN!” - Colorado Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)


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