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Update from DEN: Monday morning passengers at DEN experienced significant lines across all security screening checkpoints resulting in lengthy wait times to get through security.

We’ve been in contact with local and national TSA leadership to understand what resources and staffing they had in place this morning, how the lanes were being operated, what advance planning took place, traffic projections, equipment issues and more. At the same time, we are reviewing our own operation regarding how we manage the lines outside the checkpoint. TSA and DEN continue to work together in partnership to address the challenges we are having so that we can best accommodate the numbers of passengers traveling through DEN, particularly at peak times. We are encouraged by the performance of the equipment in the new West Security Checkpoint and the vast majority of times, wait times are below 10 minutes. However, we know there was a problem during peak time on the morning of Feb. 26 and we are going to do everything we can possibly do, working with TSA and our airlines, to fix this situation. Our passengers deserve an amazing, efficient and positive travel experience and we are committed to providing just that.


Construction Contract Requirements


Contract Payments and Administration : Construction and Professional Services

Submit all payment requests to: [email protected]

DEN Contract Administration manages payments and compliance throughout the term of a construction or professional service contract. We are your contact team for payment questions, as well as bond and insurance renewal and compliance assistance.

Construction Contract Requirements

Technologies Tenant Services

Tenants of Denver International Airport can take advantage of the airport’s Technologies Tenant Services (TTS) program to acquire voice and data services to run their business.


  • Telephone services and/or desktop phones
  • Voice mail
  • Call routing


  • High-speed Internet access (various speeds available)
  • Private Wi-Fi

Television Programming

  • High-definition channel package(s)l from local provider (receiver unit required)
  • No recurring fees for “over the air” local broadcast channels

On-Site Technical Support

  • On-site support Monday through Saturday, from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • After-hours emergency support is available

Questions? Reach out to your project manager

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