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Research and Innovation

Through our Research and Innovation Lab, we intend to identify best practices in the aviation industry.

The lab will be designed to be a safe place for learning and trying new things for participants of all ages. Our lab will provide programming and a network of innovation for all to enjoy!

In building this lab, we are intentional about how we build equity into the infrastructure of the programming whether we are working with underrepresented student populations to growing small businesses test concepts in a real-world airport environment.

The Lab will be located in the CEEA Space on Level 4 of the Westin Hotel and Transit Center

This will allow DEN to partner with local universities to conduct aviation research, identify best practices and adapt new and existing technology systems to innovate the aviation industry.

We intend to seek out speakers and lecturers focused on presenting current and future aviation trends.

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CEEA Imagined

a group of people sitting in chairs in a room
A rendering of a group of people relaxing in a the to-be-built CEEA headquarters at DEN.
Rendering of a woman giving a presentation to a group of people in the to-be-built CEEA headquarters.

What is DEN’s Vision and Future Plans for the Research and Innovation Lab?

Open to the Public

The lab will be designed to be a public, safe place for learning and trying new things for participants of all ages.

School Partnerships

Research and innovation partnerships that provide students real-world opportunities to solve aviation’s biggest challenges.

Function as an Incubator

Leveraging outside partnerships including under-served businesses to model solutions in an incubator environment.

Employee Innovation

Opportunities for DEN employees to become innovators that can create and adopt DEN best practices, elevating our airport as an industry leader.

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