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Careers on the Radar

Careers on the Radar is for high school and college students interested in internships in the aviation industry.

Students will gain practical work experience associated with their degree program or related field of study with the goal of convert-to-hire.

DEN is committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace and one that provides a variety of experiences for students and youth to explore aviation careers. As DEN continues to prepare for and reach 100 million annual passengers, it is our hope that the region’s youth will find the airport to be an exciting and rewarding place to work today and in the future.

Internship opportunities are posted annually in February at

Choose the filter titled “City of Denver Dept. of Aviation” in the left column on the “Job Search” page.

Each summer, DEN has a variety of internships available to allow students to gain work experience. The internship positions are posted in February with the program starting in June. The internship program is a 10-week, 6 month or year-long work experience.  The goal of the program is to engage, impact and empower the aviation workforce of the future through tours, professional development, research and a capstone project. Deadline to apply for summer internships is generally mid-March.

DEN Internship Goals

Create a career ladder opportunity

Interns will gain first-hand aviation work experience relative to DEN’s business environment, mission and vision with the goal of convert-to-hire based on available positions

Expose interns to the variety of career opportunities within the aviation industry

Learning will be conducted through collaborative research, behind the scenes tours of DEN and job shadowing

Empower interns to learn new job skills

Provide professional development around innovation, equity, inclusion, diversity, access, communication, critical thinking, creativity, networking and time management

Establish a professional mentorship relationship

Create a network of industry professionals for interns to connect with and learn from now and in the future

What are some Sample Aviation Jobs?

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