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Partial West Garage Closure

Rows A-D in the West Garage will be closed July 15 through July 22 on all levels for power washing and re-striping work. Rows E-H in the West Garage will be closed July 22 through July 27. Any remaining vehicles in the area will be relocated to the surface lot adjacent to the southwest corner of West Garage.

Closure Schedule

Art at Den

Paintings by Sarah Starling


Paintings by Sarah Starling

June 15 - October 31

Airport Office Building Lobby, Airport Office Building Lobby

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About the Artist, Sarah Starling

Sarah currently has a residency with RemainReal Fine Art in Denver, CO, but has previously exhibited work in various galleries in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Colorado.  She has work in private and public collections around the country.

About Paintings by Sarah Starling

Sarah Starling is a Denver-based artist originally from the Chicagoland area.  She received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with an emphasis in painting from Carthage College in 2011.  Throughout her life, Sarah has appreciated the outdoors and has used this as her primary subject for many years.  Her current work reflects an abstracted version of landscape—some inspired by the places she has been and some imagined.  She strives to create little worlds that feel familiar, yet are open to interpretation for the viewer.

Sarah’s primary medium is encaustic – a painting method where beeswax and damar resin (from tree sap) are melted, applied to a surface, and reheated to fuse the paint to the surface.  She does not go into painting with a strict plan, but rather uses a layering process that embraces chance and change.  Encaustic is unpredictable by nature, much like the subjects Sarah paints.  Transparent layers of encaustic paint are built up to create bold colors and textures that mimic natural elements.  For Sarah, the process of creating is just as important as the final outcome.


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