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My Colorado: Architecture


My Colorado: Architecture

A Gates, Y-Juncture Gallery, located past the A-security checkpoint

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About the Artist, Select Photographers

Robert J. Anderson, Salvador Armendariz, Peter Barta, Erik Conerty, Zach Connor, Charlotte Couchman, Coninyah B. Dew, Patty DiRienzo, Greg Fuller, Lars Gesing, Robert Greenhalgh, Lauren Griffith, Austin Hogan-McCool, Jeremy Janus, Ryan Kane, David J. Kennedy, Lee LaBier, Charles Lehman, John Leyba, Andrea Lind, Armando Martinez, Calum Mashburn, Lon Nestrud, Tony Ortega, Joshua Palmeri, Chris Reilmann, James W. Rogers, Ambri Sheahan, Jeff Stephenson, Richard (Chip) M. Thomas II, Adam Thorstensen, Rebecca Todd, Adriel Torres, Jeff Van Scoyk, Mandi Wood.

About My Colorado: Architecture

The My Colorado: Architecture exhibit captures images of inspiring architecture within urban settings, the Eastern Plains and the Rocky Mountains. The exhibit features a variety of Colorado architectural structures that are just as diverse as the landscape itself. 
Out of hundreds of submissions by both professional and amateur photographers, 35 Colorado-based artists were selected for DEN’s newest photo exhibit, My Colorado: Architecture. The exhibit is part of Denver’s March 2021 Month of Photography biennial festival, that celebrates photography and exhibition opportunities for artists.
Photo Caption: Our feature photo (above) is a compilation from our five honorable mention awardees. Left to right:  Zach Connor, Home of the Ancients; Chris Reilmann, Archway; Calum Mashburn, Billy the Bison Chillin’ in the DEN; David J. Kennedy, Abbott Church at Sunset; Adam Thorstensen, Spires to Heaven.
My Colorado: Architecture will be on display for six months to one year. The exhibit may move to other temporary locations throughout the airport thereafter. 

Virtual Exhibit

a collage of a building and a church

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