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Kevin Robb, Metal Sculptor


Kevin Robb, Metal Sculptor

Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5 west side, near north security screening

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About the Artist, Kevin Robb

Renowned Colorado metal sculptor Kevin Robb has made his mark on the national and international art scene. Robb creates sculptural expressions in bronze and stainless steel that are spirited in their composition. Each of Robb’s pieces bring life, energy and beauty to the spaces they occupy in intimate settings and larger public environments.

About Kevin Robb, Metal Sculptor

“Kevin Robb, Metal Sculptor” featured large photographic wall murals that impart the monumental scale of Robb’s public art pieces, while his smaller more intimate works were featured throughout the gallery. In addition to his artworks, the exhibit also included Robb’s personal story about a life-altering stroke in 2004 that left him disabled, but details his remarkable artistic journey since then. Kevin Robb’s dynamic, free-flowing sculptures are like moments suspended in time with their seamless metal intersections and graceful edges that help evoke his determination and life sustaining passion.

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