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Colorado State Symbols


Colorado State Symbols

Jeppesen Terminal, Ansbacher Hall, Level 6 North, before A Bridge Security

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About the Artist, Curated by DEN Arts Program

Many organizations contributed to this exhibit, including: Butterfly Pavilion; Colorado Correctional Industries; Colorado Parks & Wildlife; Colorado Reptile Humane Society; Colorado Snowsports Museum & Hall of Fame; Colorado Square Dance Association; Colorado State Capitol; Denver Animal Protection; Denver Botanic Gardens; Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald; John Denver Estate; Lindsey Scot Ernst Fine Jewelry & Sculpture; Mike Clapper Studios; Museums of Western Colorado/Dinosaur Journey; United States Mint; Western Pack Burro Association; Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum.

About Colorado State Symbols

Colorado State Symbols, presented a fun-filled and informative glance at the state’s official state symbols that best characterized the cultural heritage and natural treasures of Colorado.
Recognizable icons and emblems such as the flag, bird, and tree were just a few of the 20 official state symbols presented in the exhibit. The DEN Arts Program partnered with several organizations and individuals to represent each symbol that ultimately served as Colorado’s ambassadors to the world. A trip through Colorado State Symbols took DEN travelers on a historical and modern journey through the Centennial State!

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