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Art at Den

Beyond the Mines


Beyond the Mines

Jeppesen Terminal, Ansbacher Hall, Level 6 North, before A Bridge Security

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About the Artist, Colorado Metalsmithing Association, Western Museum of Mining and Industry, National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum

Participating artists included: Helene Arendt, Haley Bates, Nan Blair, Susan Bucknam, Lori Colina-Lee, Christine Marie Davis, Kirsten Denbow, Karen Edgerly, Emily Her, Kim Harrell, Crystal Hartman, Erick Johnson, Mary Lackner, Casey E McGovern, J.C. Milner Metalworks, Nikki Nation, Charlotte  Nichols, Pattie Parkhurst, Reece Salinas, Sharon Schaffner, Ira Sherman, Toni Tischer, Katherine Ware-Wolniewicz, and Brendan White.      
More information about the museums and CoMA exhibit participants can be found at:
Colorado Association of Metalsmiths
Western Museum of Mining and Industry
National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum

About Beyond the Mines

Colorado’s mining industry and the breathtaking jewelry and sculptural works of statewide metalsmiths were on display inside Denver International Airport (DEN).
“Beyond the Mines” highlighted artwork by members of the Colorado Metalsmithing Association (CoMA) and Colorado’s mining museums – the National Mining Museum and Hall of Fame and the Western Museum of Mining and Industry – which collectively help visualize what is mined and what is made from mining.
Display cases contained wearable jewelry, sculptural forms, rock and mineral specimens, gold and silver ore, raw copper, gems, and both historic and contemporary Colorado mining maps.

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