Colorado River

Wopo Holup
Hotel & Transit Center
Level 2 Grand Foyer West Wall

Wopo Holup was commissioned to create a series of sculptural pieces to grace the west wall of the Westin Conference Center pre-function area. The work represents ten continuous sections of the Colorado River running from Grand Lake in the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of California. Along the way it runs through five states forming Lake Powell, Lake Mead and irrigated lands such as Imperial Valley. The work was cut from aluminum and hand-covered in 24-carat gold leaf.

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Wopo Holup is a Colorado/New York artist and her collaborations with architects, government agencies and inspired communities have made it possible to for her to complete more than two- dozen public art projects at locations across the country, including the Philadelphia Zoo, Historic Battery Park in Manhattan, Tampa International Airport and the Westin Denver International Airport.