Children Flying Solo

  • Check with your airline for specific rules on children flying unaccompanied by an adult. Rules vary per airline
  • To drop off or meet a child at a gate, you must get a security clearance document from the airline at the check-in counter. Check with your airline for rules on dropping off or meeting your child at the gate

Traveling with Children

  • Bring a child’s favorite toy, a puzzle, a coloring book or a storybook — anything that can be easily packed and that will help entertain a child on a flight. You should bring headsets for any electronic entertainment (DVDs, CDs, games, etc.)
  • A cabin window might interest children, so consider reserving window seats
  • Often, children are susceptible to ear pain caused by cabin pressure adjustments. Airlines suggest giving children food or drink during take-off and landing. Chewing gum and ear plugs might also ease discomfort
  • If you need a baby meal, request it when making flight reservations
  • Some airlines will warm up baby bottles onboard. Express flights may not have this capability
  • In some instances, a child's age must be documented (e.g., for fares)
  • Bring an adequate supply of diapers. Some aircraft will have bassinets or changing tables. Confirm with your air carrier
  • If you are traveling with an infant or a child younger than 15, you cannot sit in an aircraft exit row