Pet Relief Areas

Furry travelers at DEN now have their own private restroom on each concourse and one outside of Jeppesen Terminal.  The indoor pet relief rooms provide service animals and furry companions with a comfortable and welcoming area to take care of business, before or after a flight.

The pet relief rooms are conveniently located post-security in the center cores of A, B and C Gates. Also, there is a pre-security outdoor pet relief area located just outside door 200 on the west side of the Jeppesen Terminal. All pet relief areas are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Jeppesen Terminal - Level 2 on the northwest side map

A Gates - near the U.S. Mail Drop map

B Gates - near the U.S. Mail Drop map

C Gates - near the U.S. Mail Drop map

The indoor pet relief rooms feature artificial turf flooring, with a drainage system and an artificial rock. Because owners are asked to clean up after their animals, bags and disposal containers are provided. The rooms also include a wall-mounted sink, soap dispenser, automatic hand dryer and paper towel dispenser. To bring the outdoors in, each room features a wall mural showcasing owners and their dogs enjoying Colorado’s great outdoors. The design of the rooms allow for a sanitary environment by making cleaning easy and efficient.

The outdoor pet relief area in the Jeppesen Terminal is conveniently located before going through security and is fenced in with a bench for owners to sit while their pet takes care of business.

Paradise 4 Paws

Denver International Airport has a new on-airport pet resort featuring private suites, flat screen TVs, massage therapy, on-site medical experts – and, of course, obedience training.

Paradise 4 Paws, a premium resort for dogs and cats, is now open at 24735 E. 75th Ave., located at the WorldPort facility just east of the Pikes Peak shuttle lot along 75th Avenue. Paradise 4 Paws is the only on-airport pet boarding facility, featuring more than 25,000 square feet of space dedicated to 24-hour service that includes day and overnight pet stays. The resort includes large dog suites that overlook expansive indoor play areas that feature indoor grass, soft rubber flooring and a bone-shaped splashing pool.

Select dog suites have flat screen TVs with canine-friendly programming, and 24-hour web cams for owners to keep tabs on their four-legged friends. Small dog breeds less than 25 pounds have their own wing of the resort that also features private suites, an indoor play area and a miniature bone-shaped splashing pool.

Cats have their own gated community of bungalows, that overlook an Adventure Jungle where felines can climb and explore custom-made cat trees. Select bungalows feature window perches and fish aquariums.

For more information, or to book a suite, visit

Advice on Traveling with Pets

  • Certified service dogs are always allowed inside public areas at DEN. Visitors who are picking-up arriving passengers or seeing-off departing passengers may bring their service dog, too.
  • Check with your airline for their specific requirements for pets.
  • Federal and state laws require a health certificate signed by a veterinarian for animals on a flight.
  • Dogs and cats must be at least eight weeks old to travel on an airplane.
  • Try to book a nonstop flight, and try to avoid busy holiday or weekend travel. It is best to fly your pet during times when temperatures are moderate. For instance, fly in the morning or evening during the summer months to avoid midday heat. Some airlines have restrictions if temperatures are above 85 degrees or below 45 degrees.
  • Be sure your pet’s collar and kennel have identification tags that include your name, telephone number, and flight information.
  • For your pet's safety, please do not take your pets on escalators or moving walkways.
  • If the pet is flying in the cargo hold, make sure you put food and water in the kennel.
  • If you travel outside the continental United States, be aware that some places, including Hawaii, require your pet to have special vaccinations and may impose a quarantine period when you arrive at your destination. Contact the host country, or ask your airline for assistance in learning the rules that pertain to traveling with your pet outside the U.S. mainland.