Peña Boulevard Transportation and Mobility Master Plan

Denver International Airport (DEN) is developing a Peña Boulevard Master Plan. To develop the plan, DEN is conducting a Transportation Study and a Mobility Study while Denver’s Department of Transportation & Infrastructure (DOTI) conducts a Travel Study for the Gateway Area. Together, the three studies will allow DEN to develop multi-modal solutions to improve mobility along Peña Boulevard and within nearby communities.

The Peña Boulevard Master Plan will include proposed infrastructure, policy, and operational solutions that will enhance environmental sustainability, quality of life, mobility and connectivity, economic competitiveness, and reduce barriers to opportunity, while incorporating equity considerations.

Study Area and Corridor Description

Peña Boulevard is an 11.1-mile-long roadway that provides the only roadway access to Denver International Airport (DEN) while also offering connectivity to numerous off-airport developments and communities including Montbello, Green Valley Ranch and Gateway. The Gateway area contains some of the only undeveloped land in Denver’s far northeast region and is anticipated to experience a significant increase in development in the years ahead.

The Need for Improvements

  • Promote a shift to more sustainable modes—increase mobility options and create smart connections to transit
  • Enhance Safety—built in 1995, Peña Boulevard does not meet current design standards
  • Reduce Crashes—There were over 200 crashes on Peña Boulevard in 2019, amounting to four crashes per week
  • Improve travel time reliability—travel time has become an increasing concern for passengers, employees and goods and freight accessing the airport
  • Prepare for 100 million annual passengers at DEN within 8-10 years
  • Address equity and barriers to opportunity—increase transportation choices along the corridor and within the Gateway Area to reduce barriers to opportunity