A Line Commuter Train

The A Line commuter train, operated by the Regional Transportation District (RTD), offers convenient transportation between DEN and downtown Denver:

  • Distance: 23 miles of track from DEN to downtown’s Denver Union Station
  • Travel time: 37 minutes from DEN to Denver Union Station
  • Frequency: trains run every 15 minutes during peak travel times, and every 30 minutes from 3 a.m. - 5 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. (for exact departure and arrival times, please consult the schedule on the RTD website)
  • Tickets: A Line tickets may be purchased using cash or credit cards at the ticket vending machines located at the train stations or at the DEN Transit Center. Tickets can also be purchased at the RTD Information Booth at the Transit Center
  • Passenger capacity: two paired cars accommodate 182 seated and 158 standing passengers
  • Fare: the airport fare is $10.50 per day from any of the stations along the A Line and includes unlimited rides on the A Line during a single business day and well as serving as a Regional pass should you desire to go elsewhere
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About the A Line Stations

  • There are a total of eight stations along the A Line:
    • Denver International Airport
    • 61st and Peña Boulevard
    • 40th Avenue and Airport Boulevard
    • Peoria
    • Central Park
    • 40th and Colorado Boulevard
    • 38th and Blake Street
    • Denver Union Station
  • DEN owns and operates an 800-space parking lot located at the 61st and Peña Boulevard station, which is located on airport property. Please check the 61st & Peña web page for rates at this parking facility.

For schedules and more information about the A Line commuter train and buses to and from DEN, visit the RTD website.