Garage West


Garage West

$30/day | $7/hour
5-10 minutes

Open 24 Hours
Cash, Check, AmEx, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
8148 Peña Blvd., Denver, CO 80249

(303) 342-7275

Garage West parking is located adjacent to the Jeppesen Terminal on the west side. Garage West has five levels and encompasses four separate modules which contain both covered and uncovered parking (atrium parking and level 5). Accessible parking is available on all levels except Level 3. A total of 15 hybrid vehicle parking spots/electric charging stations are available on Level 1, Rows E and F; five of these charging stations have "Level 1" chargers; 10 have the faster "Level 2" charging stations.

Levels 1 through 4 are covered and Level 5 is uncovered. Overhead roadway signs on Peña Boulevard, and again at the entrance to the garage, indicate whether levels are open or full. Garage clearance is eight feet. There is no shuttle service in the garage.


  • On Peña Boulevard drive to the Terminal West/Terminal East split (15.5 miles from Interstate 70 and Peña Boulevard junction.)
  • Veer to the left at the split, follow signs to parking
  • Proceed to the garage entry gates