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Longs Peak Shuttle Lot to Close 4/23

Due to necessary concrete repairs, the Longs Peak Shuttle Lot will close on 4/23 at 1 a.m. and re-open on 4/24 at 4 a.m.

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Restaurant General Manager – Coors Silver Bullet Sports Bar

Restaurant General Manager – Coors Silver Bullet Sports Bar

Job Category:


Airline Service Providers

City of Denver Dept. of Aviation

Compliance Inspection And Support

Concessions Service

Human Resources Management

Management And Program Clerical And Assistance

Rental Car





Application Email:

[email protected]

Open Date:

Mar 21, 2024


WHO WE ARE: “Every team member, every day; Every   guest, every time” These are not only our core values, but actually our way of life. Our team is comprised of individuals who have a passion  to  create memorable experiences and who are intentional in every guest   interaction and every meal served. Our team members are passionate  about  being ambassadors to the local food scene for each & every  traveler  passing through  their city. We are unwavering in our  commitment to  preparing freshly made food and drinks, inspired by using  the best local  brands and ingredients. Tastes on the Fly upholds the  integrity of each  of our brand partners, replicating down to the  slightest details, what  has made them so admired in their own  community.

OUR MISSION:  We align  with the community’s top chefs, beloved local food brands and   restaurant teams committed to being part of something unique in order  to  bring a taste of the authentic local dining scene to an airport.

HISTORY:   When four restaurant entrepreneurs started Tastes on the Fly in 1999,   they had a singular focus; bring travelers a high-quality taste of  place  by executing with the same passion as the original restaurant  locations  from the community. Since its inaugural opening at San  Francisco  International Airport in 2000, Tastes on the Fly has grown  into one of  the largest boutique airport dining operators. The company  prides itself  on delivering on its promise to bring top tier food and  beverage  options to passengers in some of the busiest airports in North  America.

DIVERSITY, EQUITY, & INCLUSION: We   have a passion about what we do and our team members reflect that in    all ways. We intentionally create a work environment that fosters   learning and growth. Aligning engaged leadership, a commitment to core values on quality, and a genuine sense of appreciation, has resulted in    industry leading team member retention. When a team member joins  Tastes  on the Fly, they join the family.



These are essential functions and the percentages are estimates only.

60% – Remain on floor; supervise employees, maintain organization and cleanliness of the store, resolve any guest or staff issues, foster a positive and guest focused environment.

30% – Complete administrative responsibilities such as accepting cash out, scheduling, employee  documentation, record keeping, end of shift reports, banking, ordering inventory, payroll etc.

10% – Complete duties specifically assigned to you by the senior leadership


  • Three (3) to five (5) years as a Restaurant General Manager in a full-service facility or a combination of experience and education that would provide the skills and knowledge needed for the position
  • High School graduation required
  • Willingness to participate in a 10-year security background check conducted by the FBI
  • Successfully pass computerized security and employment testing


  • Competitive Wages
  • Bonus Program
  • Annual Reviews
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Vacation / Sick Pay
  • Holiday Bonus Pay
  • Paid for / discounted parking
  • Paid for / discounted meals
  • Opportunities to Grow



Management and Development of Hourly and Salaried Subordinates

  • Effective and compliant recruiting, hiring, orientation, and training for new employees
  • Ongoing employee training and evaluating
  • Provide brief 30 day and 90 day reviews to new hourly employees. Annual reviews for all hourly employee
  • Workplace Safety Training and enforcement
  • Fair and consistent enforcement of rules. Effective employee documentation, discipline and termination in accordance with guidelines established by the CBA and employee handbook
  • Effective communication to staff; timely, thorough, approachable, professional, honest, judicious confident and understanding (good listener)
  • Daily supervision of all staff performance
  • Foster and exude a spirit of positivity, team work, productivity, pride and respect – constantly building morale. Eliminate negative behaviors which are counter intuitive to this goal.

Product & Service Quality

  • Have full understanding of location standards for both product and service quality.
  • Regularly monitor guest service. Regularly conduct live performance evals and provide constructive feedback and encouragement to staff
  • Regularly interact with guests and inquire about their experience. Work to resolve and issues and prevent further occurrence
  • Review, utilize and when appropriate respond to YELP reviews
  • Timely and sincerely respond to all guest feedback in a manner that is professional, conveys appreciation of their feedback, works to resolve any concerns, encourages their return and expresses the standards we strive to maintain
  • Regularly inspect and or sample all products for quality and consistency. Work to ensure both are up to standards
  • Follow, teach, monitor and ensure food safety policies and practices
  • Achieve / maintain overall positive reputation for the location. One that is consistent with goals and standards.

Financial Performance

  • Achieve and maintain target costs including labor and product COG’s
  • Monitor invoices for product price changes, seek to source best quality and best price
  • Monitor sales trends and adjust staffing accordingly
  • Maintain effective and efficient ordering, receiving, stocking procedures which ensure fresh products are always available and waste is minimized.
  • Effectively manage other controllable costs like Workers Comp insurance, linen, paper products, uniforms, repair and maintenance etc.
  • Review and understand P&L’s. Report on financial statements during monthly meetings. Explain oddities, suggest methods to improve, ensure all invoices have been accurately accounted for.
  • Maintain excellent cash management and banking practices.
  • Review and follow up on reports from financial analyst. Including but not limited to; tip reporting, restaurant guard red flags, OT, break and time punch concerns etc. Investigate timely and make improvements when necessary. Respond to FA and DOO on these items.

Additional Administrative and Procedural Compliance

  • Ctuit logs. Reading and making entries daily. Ensuring all managers and leads do the same.
  • Payroll – properly submitted by end of day the first weekday following the last day of the payroll period
  • Receipts – Properly submitted to accounting 3 times monthly. Invoice coding and submission – Properly submitted weekly. Audit monthly statements to ensure there are no missed invoices
  • End of month reporting – properly submit inventory, cash counts and waste totals by the 4th of every month
  • Banking / cash handling – maintain accurate daily bank counts and employee “cash owed” records. Create deposits daily and investigate any discrepancies. Maintain Deposit records. Ensure “change” is available. Conduct drawer audits on employee’s. Ensure “blind drops” are utilized.
  • Worker Comp procedures – timely and accurate investigation, documentation and reporting
  • Guest incident and Workplace Emergencies – learn and train managers on proper procedures for workplace emergencies including guest incidents
  • Regular safety & Sanitation Walkthroughs – maintain on file
  • LOA procedures – advise HR anytime an employee will be absent for more than 3 days for any reason other than vacation
  • Trakstar – Effectively use by taking regular notes, scoring appraisals timely and accurately, setting and evaluating goals and meeting with manager to productively discuss final appraisal
  • Airport requirements – badging, report submission, comp submission, airport security rules.
  • Record maintenance for: new hire training, weekly training, safety training, accidents, punch edits

Leadership / Embodiment of Company Philosophies and Vision

  • Maintain consistent attendance which conforms to the mgmt. attendance policy and weekly schedule
  • Understand and promote Company philosophies and visions including those which have been formalized and those expressed to you by Company Officers
  • Delegate responsibilities to others in a clear and positive manner, offering support without enabling lesser performance.
  • Work to develop future leaders. Identify, mitigate and improve performance / skill weaknesses in subordinate managers. Identify, utilize and the strengths of subordinate managers
  • Always demonstrates integrity. Refrains from and actively stops / prevents gossip, favoritism, horseplay, inappropriate joking, public criticism, demonstrations of anger, finger pointing.
  • Takes accountability for overall operation and showcases a sense of ownership.
  • Effective decision making.


  • Standing – Regularly
  • Walking – Frequently
  • Lift/Carry up to 15 lbs. – Frequently
  • Lift/Carry up to 30 lbs. – Frequently
  • Lift/Carry up to 50 lbs. – Occasionally
  • Push/Pull up to 25 lbs. of exertion – Occasionally
  • Push/Pull up to 50 lbs. of exertion – Occasionally
  • Work at waist to shoulder level – Regularly
  • Speaking (in English) – Regularly
  • Hearing (understanding English) – Regularly
  • Seeing – Regularly
  • Operate office equipment – Occasionally
  • Use/exposure to hazardous substances – Occasionally
  • Work with knives and/or sharp objects – Regularly


$$80,000 / Year + Quarterly Bonus

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8500 Peña Blvd

Denver, Colorado 80249

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