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Partial West Garage Closure

Rows A-D in the West Garage will be closed July 15 through July 22 on all levels for power washing and re-striping work. Rows E-H in the West Garage will be closed July 22 through July 27. Any remaining vehicles in the area will be relocated to the surface lot adjacent to the southwest corner of West Garage.

Closure Schedule
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High school students are welcome! Part -Time Sales Associates $17/H + commission + bonus

High school students are welcome! Part -Time Sales Associates $17/H + commission + bonus

Job Category:


Airline Service Providers

City of Denver Dept. of Aviation

Concessions Service

Miscellaneous Clerk And Assistant

Rental Car





Application Email:

[email protected]

Open Date:

Nov 29, 2023

Benefit Information:

* Flexible schedules *Free parking *Fun work environment


Looking for a fast pace, fun and potential to make great income with your new job?
SOHO is High-end hair accessory company
Soho-B concourse is looking for outspoken, friendly and reliable people to join the team . 
Are you into fashion and making people look and feel beautiful? 
No experiences required, if your attitude is great for work.
High school students who can work after 4-5pm during the week are very welcome.
< Every month >
1. No tardness for whole month: $30 Merch
2. No call out for whole month: $30 Merch
3. 3 Months: Badge, Fingerprinting reimbursement: $50
4. 6 Months: $150 Bonus
5. 12Months: $300 Bonus
6. 18 Months: $500 Bonus
7. 24 Months: $1,000 Bonus
8. After 24 Months : $777 every 6 months
**4,5,6,7, 8 : more than 28 hour working per week( or 120 hours a month) continuously
Please send your resume. Talk soon!
You will hear from the employer only with your resume.
Only qualified applicants will be contacted by email or by phone to schedule interviews.
Thank you!


$hourly payment + sales commission + bonus

Apply Now


8500 Peña Blvd

Denver, Colorado 80249

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