Baggage Claim

Baggage Claim at Denver International Airport is located in Jeppesen Terminal, on Level 5, at both the east and west sides (Terminal East and Terminal West), depending on airline. Level 5 is the same level where passengers arrive after they travel from their airline gates to Jeppesen Terminal on the automated people-mover train, which connects all concourses (A, B and C) and the terminal. After disembarking from the people-mover, passengers take escalators or elevators to Level 5 and emerge in the terminal atrium, where they will find large signs directing them to Baggage Claim.

Level 5 is also the ground transportation level, where passengers pick up taxis, limos, shuttles, and buses outside terminal doors. The baggage claim carousels are located just inside the terminal from the ground transportation curbsides.

Baggage carousels are numbered and run along the east and west sides on Level 5 of Jeppesen Terminal. Carousels 1 – 9 are located on the east side of Jeppesen Terminal and carousels 10 – 19 can be found on the west side. Look for baggage information display monitors, which will tell you which carousel you will find your bags. The airlines are assigned specific carousels, and their baggage claim carousels are:

AeroMexico, International Arrivals

Air Canada, Carousel 18, Terminal West

Alaska Airlines, Carousel 19, Terminal West

American Airlines, Carousel 17, Terminal West

Boutique Air, Carousel 1, Terminal East

Branson AirExpress, Carousel 18, Terminal West

British Airways International Arrivals

Delta Air Lines, Carousel 9, Terminal East

Denver Air Connection, Carousel 18, Terminal West

Frontier Airlines, Carousels 1-3, Terminal East

Great Lakes Airlines, Carousel 1, Terminal East

Icelandair, International Arrivals

jetBlue Airways, Carousel 4, Terminal East

Lufthansa, International Arrivals

Southwest Airlines, Carousels 4-8, Terminal East

Spirit Airlines, Carousel 5, Terminal East

Sun Country, Carousel 19, Terminal West

United Airlines, Carousels 10-16, Terminal West

Virgin American, Carousel 1, Terminal East

Volaris Airlines, International Arrival