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Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5, Northwest

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About the Artist, Patricia Aaron

Patricia Aaron is award-winning contemporary abstract painter. Her distinctive work has deep roots, as much of her signature-style encaustic art was inspired by her childhood home near Ohio’s busy steel mills. Youngstown’s heavily industrialized environment left an indelible impression, one that catalyzed Aaron’s interest in integrating cultural landscape into her artwork. Aaron also draws inspiration from street art and graffiti, evident in her evocative mark making and striking, graphic imagery.  Aaron has held artist residencies in Iceland, Hawaii, Virginia, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. Aaron’s work has been featured in solo museum and airport exhibitions as well as invitational gallery exhibits throughout the United States, and featured in both regional and national publications. Her work is held in numerous U.S., U.K. and European private and corporate collections. Patricia Aaron is locally represented by SPACE Gallery in Denver, CO.
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About Passport

Artist Patricia Aaron created the body of work specifically for the DEN exhibition, which abstractly documented her observations of communities, the rhythm of cultures and language and the overall vibrancy of her surroundings during travel. Each painting served as poignant reminders of conversations and interactions through layered color and shapes created with warm beeswax, pigment, ink and mixed media.

a painting of colorful art

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