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Art at Den

Colorado from a Distance


Colorado from a Distance

Virtual (Online),

About the Artist, Selected Colorado Photographers

Selected photographers include: Glenn Asakawa, Stephanie Barta, Tom Bouckaert, Janet Bressler, Darren Bridges, Kurt Brown, Frank Burzynski, EJ Carr, Michelle Courtney, Robert Ferreira, Nick Fletcher, James Fountain, Tina Hagerling, Jason Helbig, Daniel John, Cathi Logan, Ken Mostek, Hannah Ninke, Jennifer Richardson, Gwendolyn Ross, Taylor Smith, Kiara Strothers, Nicholas Thayer, Rebecca Todd/Kristen Wurth, Zac Vanse

About Colorado from a Distance

Featured image (above): “Thunderbird Salute” by Glenn Asakawa
In June, DEN asked for Coloradans to share their photos that showcased life amid COVID-19. Submissions include positive interpretations of daily life, solutions for distantly celebrated special occasions, uplifting contact with loved ones and maintaining a sense of community in a unique and safe way.
In honor of DEN’s 25th birthday this year, 25 photos were selected by a jury for DEN’s first entirely virtual exhibition, Colorado from a Distance.
Each photo captures the creative and inspiring ways people have stayed connected during trying times.
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a group of jets flying in the sky with smoke trails

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