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Art at Den

Arturo Garcia


Arturo Garcia

Airport Office Building Lobby, Near A Bridge Security

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About the Artist, Arturo Garcia

“To me, art is the language of the soul that expresses what the brain on its own can’t. It’s a silent dialect that conveys what words are not capable of doing. The understanding between creation, nature, and the spirit, are transcribed in the manifestation of an art piece. Art is a revelation of the soul; a new form of singing.”

About Arturo Garcia

Arturo Garcia is a full time artist based in Denver, Colorado. His love for color gives his style a unique perspective on both the subject and his media of preference applying robust layers of oil paints on canvas with palette knives. What emerges as a result is an exciting combination of abstract within the figure. His style is contemporary influenced by the fauvist and impressionist movements though the technique has taken its own course.
Garcia is a member of the Art Students League of Denver, Westwood Arts District, as well as other non-profit organizations of Colorado. Garcia’s work has been exhibited at The Denver Art Museum, The Butterfly Pavilion, The Mexican Cultural Center, CU Boulder, MSU Denver, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, as well as in various art galleries throughout Denver, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah. His collections “Great Migrations,” “Literary Giants,” “Art Masters” and “U.S. Presidents” have been exhibited in public schools and libraries around the Denver Metro Area.
With years using a pallet knife as his preferred art tool, Garcia has developed a kind of mastery and it becomes evident as you get acquainted with his work. The strokes are fierce and fearless, but carefully chosen to reflect value and natural shade through a relief using only oil paints. The mixture of warm and cool colors is what makes Garcia’s work unique and distinctive. Garcia’s love for wildlife and animals give him a natural drive to create beautiful and exquisite pieces. His contemporary style brings his subjects to life, thus bringing a feeling of fulfillment to the naked eye.

a painting of a buffalo

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