Airport Facilities

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Jeppesen Terminal

Jeppesen Terminal is Denver International Airport's only terminal and includes space for passenger drop-off, passenger pickup, airline check in and baggage check, baggage claim, security screening and access to gates. The terminal is identified by Terminal East and Terminal West.

Level 5

  • Arrivals
  • Baggage Claim
  • North and South Security Checkpoints
  • Access to DEN Plaza and the Westin Denver International Airport

Level 6

  • Airline Check-In/ Ticketing Counters
  • Bridge Security Checkpoint 

Dropping of and Picking up at Jeppesen Terminal 

Passengers arrive at Jeppesen Terminal via Peña Boulevard, the airport roadway.  The roadway divides to Terminal West and Terminal East, but also separates into three traffic levels for greater convenience and less traffic congestion:

  • Departures (Level 6) – Departing passengers, curbside baggage check-in and airline ticketing
  • Commercial Vehicle Services -  (Level 5) – Drop-off and pickup lanes for taxis, car-rental vans, shuttles, buses, limousines, and Uber and Lyft passengers
  • Arrivals (Level 4) – Passenger pickup

Security Screening

Access to all airlines gates is through three security checkpoint areas:  Terminal Level 5 North, Terminal Level 5 South and at the Bridge Security checkpoint on Level 6. Passengers using the North and South security checkpoints will access their airline gates via the Train to the Gates.

Train to the Gates 

The Train to the Gates (or the Automated Guideway Transit System) connects Jeppesen Terminal and all three DEN concourses. After security screening at the North and South checkpoints, passengers are directed to the Train to the Gates. The train trip from the terminal to C Gates is less than ten minutes. Train stations are located in the center of all four buildings. Signs will direct you. 

International Arrivals 

International arrivals enter the terminal after passing through Federal Inspection (FIS) and U.S. Customs at the north end of Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5.


Denver International Airport has three concourses (Gates A, B and C) beyond security screening that provide access to the airline gates. Gates B and C are accessible from Jeppesen Terminal only via the Train to the Gates. Gate A can be reached by walking the passenger bridge or by taking the train from the terminal.  Moving walkways help you move quickly along from the terminal and throughout the Gates.

A Gates

Airlines located on A Gates are accessible by train from Jeppesen Terminal or by the passenger bridge, a unique walkway that spans a taxiway.  The passenger bridge offers a closeup view of airplanes as they move to their gates. A Gates contains gates A26 through A87.  All international flights arrive at A Gates.

Electric carts are available to transport elderly or disabled passengers to airline gates.

B Gates

Airlines located on B Gates are accessible only by train from Jeppesen Terminal or A or C Gates. B Gates contains Gates B7 through B95.

Electric carts are available to transport elderly or disabled passengers to airline gates.

C Gates

Airlines located on C Gates are accessible only by train from Jeppesen Terminal or A or B Gates. C Gates contains Gates C23 through C67.