Cargo Operations

DEN is a leader when it comes to the ability to move and handle large volumes of air cargo, making the airport a perfect place to locate companies that require steady and reliable shipments of materials and components from overseas.

  • The airport’s total cargo operations currently exceed approximately 235,611 metric tons per year
  • DEN is home to several world-class cargo movers and support facilities, including World Port Cargo Support, DHL, UPS, FedEx and United Airlines cargo
  • The airport also has a joint-use cargo facility that currently serves nine airline operations
  • The U.S. Postal Service facility is also located nearby, providing a wide array of competitive shipping and receiving options
  • The layout of the airfield and a 39-acre cargo ramp make freight handling especially efficient at DEN
  • There are no operation curfews, making DEN a 24-hour cargo operation

Although DEN’s passenger volume has significantly increased over the past several years, cargo shipments have not experienced similar growth.  Market dynamics have changed significantly, and in many cases, price sensitivity has increasingly trumped time sensitivity. Estimates indicate that over 50 percent of the region’s air cargo is trucked to Chicago, Dallas, and West Coast airports.

Click here for a link to our current and past passenger traffic reports, which includes cargo operations by month.