Gate Areas

DEN currently has 127 narrow-body contact gates with 26 ground load positions. Passengers access the gates via the A, B and C concourses. To reach the A Gates, passengers can choose to walk over a pedestrian bridge or take the passenger train. Access to B and C Gates is limited to the passenger train. 

  • A Gates: 2,640 feet long, 1,266,000 square feet (A-West expansion area will add 524,000 square feet)
  • B Gates: 4,244 feet long, 2,115,282 square feet (B-East expansion area will add 135,000 square feet)
  • C Gates: 3,170 feet, 1,430,000 square feet (the new C-East expansion area added 530,000 square feet)

In May 2018, DEN broke ground on a project which will add 39 new gates to the airport by 2022, an increase in gate capacity of 30 percent. The new gates will be added to the ends of each concourse, providing DEN's airlines an opportunity to grow and for DEN to accommodate new airlines, including international carriers. In addition to increasing capacity, more passenger amenities will be added including food and shopping, charging stations and even outdoor space where passengers can enjoy Colorado’s beautiful weather and scenery.