Rules & Regulations Governing DEN

The rules and regulations for the management, operation, control and use of the Denver Municipal Airport System are provided on this website as a convenience to the public in Adobe PDF format. Under city ordinance, the Clerk and Recorder is the custodian of official copies of these and all other City of Denver rules and regulations.

Dispute Hearings

When certain disputes occur at Denver International Airport, the City and County of Denver, Department of Aviation, has a defined process for resolving them.  The process is governed by the Denver Municipal Airport System Rules and Regulations:

Rules Governing Hearings Before the Chief Executive Officer of Denver International Airport

Filing a Petition

A petition must be filed within the time limitations stated in D.R.M.C. § 5-17(a). A petition filed electronically or by facsimile must be received in its entirety in the CEO's office by 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time on or before the last day to file the petition as provided for in D.R.M.C. § 5-17. The burden is on the petitioner to show that the petition was timely received by the CEO. The CEO is not responsible for any electronic, mechanical, or telephone malfunctions of any kind that may delay or prevent the transmittal of an e-mail or fax, or the transmittal of a confirmation notice. Petitioners are therefore encouraged to mail a copy of the petition within the time limit.

Petitions may not be made orally. A petition must be presented to the CEO in a legibly written document containing the following information:

  1. The type of claim or legal theory of the claim
  2. The project name and/or number of any contract, permit, or similar document related to the claim or dispute
  3. The factual basis of the claim or dispute
  4. The date(s) the claim occurred or during which the events at issue occurred
  5. The reasons petitioner believes the action or determination underlying the claim or dispute is objectionable, incorrect, or illegal
  6. The standing of the petitioner to make the claim or petitioner's involvement in the dispute
  7. The petitioner's name, address, phone number, and e-mail, at which he or she may be contacted and to which notices and orders required by these rules may be sent
  8. The name, address, phone number, and e-mail of the legal representative of the petitioner, if any
  9. The signature of the petitioner or, if the petitioner is a corporate entity, the signature of its corporate agent

If the petitioner is unable to state some portion of the information required above, the petition must state the reason the information could not be provided.

Filing Options

Petitions may be filed electronically.  The petition should be filed as an attachment in either Adobe PDF format or a document compatible with or convertible to the most recent version of Microsoft Word for Windows. The petition must be sent by electronic transmission to [email protected].

Petitions may also be submitted in person or by mail to:

Chief Executive Officer
Denver International Airport
8500 Peña Blvd, 9th Floor
Denver, Colorado, 80249

ATTN: Petition to the CEO

Fax: (303) 342-2215