What are the components of an Airport Master Plan?

The Airport Master Plan process is guided by the FAA and ultimately results in projections of future passenger and aviation activity growth and preparation of an Airport Layout Plan (ALP).

The major analytical elements of the DIA Master Plan Update include the following:

  • Inventory of Existing Airport Conditions
  • Aviation Activity Forecasts
  • Demand/Capacity Analysis
  • Facility Requirements and Identification of Issues
  • Definition and Evaluation of Airport Development Alternatives
  • Environmental Overview of Proposed Development
  • Airport Layout Plan
  • Capital Improvement Program

Master Plan Stakeholder Process

The Master Plan also includes a Public Involvement process that will provide updates on the study's progress to the public, airport and community stakeholders, allowing an opportunity for public and stakeholder input and a way to ask questions and provide comment.

Below is a project schedule that shows the major project elements.  The Master Plan Update is scheduled for completion in early 2010.

Master Plan Schedule

The overall deliverables of Denver’s master planning process include the following:

  • Technical Report:  this document summarizes the results of the analyses conducted during the study process
  • Executive Summary Report:  this is a concise summary of the analysis and study efforts that brings together pertinent facts, conclusions, recommendations, and graphics
  • Airport Layout Plan Drawing Set:  this graphical depiction of the proposed development documented in the master plan study is typically produced as a separate set of full-sized drawings
  • Web site:  this is a public access web page, part of the airport’s Web site, that provides a mechanism for communicating the master plan study process and status to the public and stakeholders
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