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Peña Master Plan

Peña Master Plan and Transportation Demand Management Plan

In early 2024, DEN published the Peña Master Plan and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan. The TDM Plan establishes target modal shifts for DEN to reduce drive alone trips for both employees and passengers, while encouraging sustainable transportation. The Peña Master Plan identifies potential improvements to Peña Boulevard that will be carried forward to environmental review and conceptual design.

Peña Master Plan

Transportation Demand Management Plan

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What is included in the Peña Master Plan?

  • Strategies are being identified that reduce drive-alone trips and shift to more sustainable modes of transportation.
  • Strategies are being identified to encourage ridership of Regional Transportation District (RTD) A Line and bus services, as well as to increase mobility choices for DEN passengers and employees.
  • Researching multi-modal solutions that include increased transit use, new bike and pedestrian infrastructure, land use recommendations, and roadway improvements.
  • Assessing a range of alternative concepts that include transit or high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, managed lanes, frontage roads and improved connections to transit and bike/pedestrian facilities.
  • Collection and analysis of comments from the public and adjacent communities to understand conditions and concerns.
  • Establishment of a Stakeholder Working Group comprised of local agencies, jurisdictions, and advocacy associations.

As part of the Peña Master Plan development DEN has…

  • Conducted surveys of over 50 airport tenants, 2,700 employees, and 5,000 passengers to understand existing travel behaviors and barriers.
  • Engaged with the surrounding communities, adjacent agencies, advocacy groups and key stakeholders.
  • Documented the existing conditions of Peña Boulevard, including land use, environmental, and traffic volumes. 
  • Conducted traffic modeling and analysis to determine current and future traffic conditions. 
  • Quantified Peña Boulevard users to include airport/non-airport traffic and freight transport. 

Peña Master Plan Area and Corridor Description

Peña Boulevard is an 11.1-mile-long roadway that provides the only roadway access to DEN while also offering connectivity to numerous off-airport developments and communities including Montbello, Green Valley Ranch and Gateway. The Gateway area contains some of the only undeveloped land in Denver’s far northeast region and is anticipated to experience a significant increase in development in the years ahead. 

Why is the Peña Master Plan Needed?

Safety risks are of concern; high crash rates reaching 860 collisions between 2016 through 2021, and periods of poor roadway performance on Peña have multiplied

Bicycle and pedestrian facilities in and around the Peña Boulevard corridor remain unconnected, with a lack of connectivity to transit stations, and regional trails.  

Passenger growth at DEN, developments along the corridor, and increased freight trips have all added significant demands to the corridor and all are expected to increase due to anticipated regional growth projections.

Average daily traffic (ADT) volume on Peña Boulevard has increased from 75,000 vehicles in 1995 to more than 135,000 ADT in 2019 (an increase of 80%).

Travel time has become increasingly unreliable on Peña Boulevard. 

Peña Boulevard was originally constructed almost 30 years ago, as such required maintenance work is extensive, and the cost to maintain the aging facility is substantial.

Outreach & Engagement

Public engagement took place in winter 2023, summer 2023 and winter 2024. In-person outreach was conducted in Montebello and Green Valley Ranch to ensure that communities adjacent to airport property have the opportunity to participate in the study. In addition to in-person outreach, DEN hosted virtual open houses to ensure those who could not attend the in-person events or those located outside of the adjacent communities had an opportunity to engage with the Peña Master Plan.

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Outreach and Engagement Events

Winter 2023 outreach provided the first opportunity to initiate communication with the public.  DEN presented the purpose & need and goals & objectives, presented work accomplished and a summary of existing conditions.  DEN engaged with the public to understand the transportation/mobility challenges & opportunities within the Peña Master Plan area and solicit community input on potential alternatives.

Virtual Open House Presentation Recording – February 2023


Grabación de Presentaciones

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Summer 2023 outreach included a review of the potential alternatives and provided community members and the public the opportunity to share their thoughts to help guide transportation improvements along the Peña Boulevard corridor.

Presentation Recording 

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Winter 2024 outreach marked the third and final round of outreach for the Peña Master Plan and provided the community an opportunity to learn about the Peña Master Plan and TDM Plan and provide DEN with feedback.

Presentation Recording

Peña Master Plan 

Transportation Demand Management Plan 

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