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TONIGHT: DEN Trains to the Concourses to Undergo Scheduled Overnight Shutdown. Bridge Security will be the 24-hour Checkpoint starting at 8 p.m.

DEN trains to the concourses will be shut down overnight for six hours for scheduled testing of the train’s electrical power system. Employees and passengers will need use Bridge Security, which will be the 24-hour checkpoint starting at 8 p.m. Starting at 9:15 p.m., those who need to reach the B and C concourses will be guided via signage and/or airport personnel to a bus that will take them to the concourses. These changes will be in effect from 9:15 p.m. Feb. 20, to 3 a.m., Feb. 21. It is recommended that passengers who need to get to the B and C Concourses during these hours should arrive to security at least 30 minutes earlier than they would have otherwise to ensure they have enough time to move through the airport.


Peña Boulevard Construction

Phase 1A of the Peña Boulevard Construction Project is now complete.

The Peña Boulevard Phase 1 Project was approved by City Council in June 2019. This work included the reconstruction of Peña Boulevard from Jackson Gap Street and reconstruction of the Jackson Gap Street and Interchange from 74th Ave. to 78th Ave. As a result of reduced project funding due to the COVID-19 financial impact to DEN, only a portion of the overall work was completed in July 2021.

DEN passenger traffic and vehicular traffic volumes have returned to pre-COVID/2019 volumes. DEN has determined there is a need to complete the remainder of the Phase 1 Project scope to address pavement conditions and plan for future planned DEN growth.

Phase IB Work Begins Soon

The Phase 1B work scope items include:

  • Peña Boulevard outbound reconstruction and widening
  • Reconstruction of Peña Boulevard and Jackson Gap Street to a new diverging diamond interchange (DDI) configuration
  • Widening of Peña Boulevard Bridges (inbound and outbound) over Jackson Gap
  • Construction of new Direct Connection Ramps from both East and West Terminals to New Castle Street and 78th Avenue.

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