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Peña Boulevard Construction

Peña Blvd. Traffic Alert: Work underway to improve safety and traffic flow.

Work is being performed on Peña Blvd. to improve safety and traffic flow. Drivers will see temporary concrete barriers placed on the shoulders of outbound (leaving DEN) Peña Blvd. from the terminal to Jackson Gap Street and inbound (going to DEN) at the Jackson Gap bridge, along Jackson Gap Street, and on New Castle Street.

  • Pavement will be temporarily widened to prevent lane reduction for future construction work. Speeds will be reduced within work zones. Please use caution when driving in the area. The first major phase of this work is anticipated to be complete in October 2024 and an overall project completion in Fall 2026.

Improving Peña Boulevard

Peña Boulevard has reached its life-expectancy, requiring a major upgrade that will keep pace with DEN growth​ and reaching Vision 100. Maintaining and appropriately rehabilitating the infrastructure is critical in providing service and good quality to its users and passengers.

Due to Peña Boulevards significant volume and usage the rehabilitation will be completed in four phases to support on-time delivery and to manage the operations and retain some capacity during construction. The first phase consisted of improvements to inbound Peña Boulevard including the reconstruction of Peña Boulevard from Jackson Gap Street to the terminal and concluded in early 2022.

Peña Boulevard Phase 1B work was approved by Denver City Council in March 2024 and construction began April 2024. This phase provides improvements to overall traffic operations and safety for passengers, employees and shuttle traffic.

Phase 1B Now Underway

  • Reconstruction of Peña Boulevard Outbound and widening of Peña Boulevard bridges (inbound and outbound) over Jackson Gap Street. Provides resiliency for events on Peña Boulevard and reduces O&M costs for pavement maintenance​.
  • Construction of new Direct Connect Ramps from both East and West Terminals to New Castle Street and 78th Avenue. Will meet operational needs of Rental Car companies and DEN Ground Transportation​, dedicated routes for buses will remove the buses from the Jackson Gap interchange and will not mix with public traffic​.
  • Reconstruction of Peña Boulevard and Jackson Gap Street to a new diverging diamond interchange. Improves existing operations and meet future growth for vehicle traffic operations; reduces impacts to DEN passengers, Rental Car buses, and other users.

Lasting Improvements, Benefits and Impacts

The Peña Boulevard Phase 1B improvements follow the strategic guiding principals of Vision 100, providing lasting improvements and benefits for today and in advance of known development growth and shuttle/passenger traffic increases at DEN.

Sustainability & Resiliency

  • Bridge renewal work extends life-expectancy​
  • Pavement reconstruction reduces annual maintenance repairs and cost​
  • Utilizing infrastructure built during construction of Hotel Transit Center for Direct Connect Ramps
  • Registered for Envision, ensuring sustainable, resilient and equitable tactics are incorporated throughout planning, design and construction

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility:

  • Construction project includes city workforce requirements providing apprenticeship and training opportunities and workforce development goals
  • Project is following Division of Small Business requirements and goals set for Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises participation
  • Gun Club On-ramp was bid as a Small Business Set Aside

Operational Excellence:

  • Direct Connect Ramps for Rental Car buses will reduce delays and remove trips from Peña Boulevard outbound​
  • Work will reduce accidents and improve vehicle operations​
  • Jackson Gap Street Diverging Diamond Interchange reduces delays and improves traffic operations

Enhancing the Customer Experience:

  • Additional lanes provides operational improvements minimizing delays to access the terminal for years to come
  • Improvements align the infrastructure with the projected Vision 100 volumes in the future
  • Widened shoulders provide safety benefits for Peña Boulevard users

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