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Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility

In October 2023, DEN announced the site location for the consolidated rental car facility (ConRAC) to ensure that DEN meets projections of 120+ million annual passengers by 2045, reduce DEN’s carbon footprint, improve the customer experience and accessibility and stabilize a significant program that contributes to airport revenues. DEN evaluated different sites and determined the employee lot located along 78th Avenue, north of Peña Boulevard and east of Jackson Gap, provides DEN with the most benefits for future growth.

A future ConRAC at DEN will provide a one-stop shop for all car rental companies that is covered and more easily accessible for the customers. DEN has five rental car brand families on-site (Avis, Enterprise, Fox, Hertz and Sixt), and several others operate off-site. The current rental car program uses 12,760 parking spaces. With the influx of passengers expected, DEN will need 16,130 parking spaces, a 26% increase.

In addition to the ConRAC facility, a possible Common Transportation System (CTS) that would move people between the terminal and the ConRAC is also being contemplated. No decisions have been made yet on how to finance, or how to deliver the projects.

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