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Commercial Filming and Photography


Rules and Regulations for Commercial Film, Still Photography and Videotaping

These Rules and Regulations (“Rule”) apply to all commercial filming and photography (“Filming”) at Denver International Airport (DEN).

This Rule applies to Filming such as, but not limited to: feature films, television series, commercials, documentaries, corporate and student films, web-based media and professional photography.

Steps to Filming and Photography at DEN

Step 1: Complete Form Below

Individuals or firms wanting to produce films, still photography or videotape for commercial purposes at DEN must first complete this form.

Commercial Filming and Photography Initial Request

Step 2: Submit a complete script and/or storyboard

The Global Communications and Marketing Office will have the script, storyboard or layout approved by a DEN designee by the Airport Operations Division and by any airport tenants that may be involved or impacted by the production. Please allow up to two weeks for review.

Email Us Your Script

Step 3: Walk-through the proposed production with a DEN GCM representative

Depending on the scope of the request before approval will be granted for the production to proceed. There will be a $50 charge for a pre-meeting/walk-through of the shooting locations upon approval and prior to Filming if they are post-security. This fee will be subtracted from the total filming costs once the project is completed.

What are the Fees Associated with Filming and Photography?

The fee for all commercial film, still photography or videotape productions is as follows below. Accredited journalists working on assignments for their respective employers are exempt from fee charges. Non-profits can contact DEN for discounted Filming rates.

# Of Crew MembersTotal Length Of ShootFilming Rate In The TerminalFilming In A Secured Area
1-6 people0-4 hours$600$800 (includes escort)
1-6 people5-8 hours$1000$1,400 (includes escort)
7+ people0-4 hours$800 (includes escort)Priced out based on Filming set-up
7+ people5-8 hours$1,400 (includes escort)Priced out based on Filming set-up

Filming and Photography FAQs

Insurance Requirements (Part 230, PDF)

Interested in Producing Films or Photography for Commercial Purposes?

Individuals or firms wanting to produce films or still photography for commercial purposes at DEN must first complete this form.


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